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Beyond Warren Bezos: "I am doing something" to replace Buffett, to become the world’s third richest man, Amazon founder Bezos recently described the brilliance. At the end of July, Amazon’s market value above $350 billion for the first time, Alibaba and Jingdong total market capitalization, and Bezos worth $65 billion 50 million, $32 million higher than Warren Buffett, beyond Warren to become the world’s third richest. This was 2015 and loss to say goodbye, but has been recognized by the Wall Street bigwigs, generally expected investment banks on the Amazon price target is $809 on Amazon stock target JP Morgan shares for $915, and even the Amazon stock price target analysts at $1000. It can be said that the success of Amazon and Bezos’s life are closely linked, there is no lack of today’s Amazon Empire without Bezos. The great genius of the genius of a young boy always has an extraordinary juvenile time, Bezos is no exception. In January 12, 1964, Bezos was born in Albuquerque. Quirke, he is the illegitimate child. At the age of 4, his mother married him to Miguel · Bezos, a Cuban immigrant in the early 60s. Bezos followed his mother into the family, and used his stepfather’s last name. Bezos is lucky, although he is not the son of Miguel, but their feelings are better than his father and son. Bezos’s grandfather was a former administrator of the atomic energy commission. His grandfather developed his love of science. At the age of 14, he aspired to be an astronaut or physicist. At the age of 16, he was able to install the windmill, using an arc welder. In Princeton University, his interest turned to the computer, the computer industry at this time coincided with the period in turn the world upside down. He said: "I have a computer is looking forward to some inextricably bogged down in, a revolutionary breakthrough." After graduating from Princeton, Bezos soon entered a new high-tech company in New York. Two years later, when he switched to a Bankers Trust New York Corp, which manages $250 billion in assets, he became the youngest vice president at the age of the bank’s trust at the age of 25. 1990 – 1995, Bezos together with others to form the world’s most advanced, the most successful set of fund trading management company, in 1992 to become the company’s youngest senior vice president. Amazon empire in 1994, Bezos accidentally into a web site, saw a figure: 2300%, the number of Internet users to grow at this rate every year. At that time, Seattle Microsoft has gradually grown up, Bezos see the figure, eyes shining, like Microsoft, success in the IT industry, do the network on the wave tide. A few weeks later, he gave up the generous treatment, embarked on the road of entrepreneurship. Bezos told the moving company that once the three selected locations in Colorado, Oregon or Washington state immediately notify them. A westbound on the road, he let his wife to drive himself, can not wait to use a laptop computer in a hurry to draw up a business plan. In 1995, Bezos moved from New York to Seattle. Bezos use type相关的主题文章: