Bizarre the scholar in the temple dream saved a dragon after the test in the

Bizarre: the scholar in the temple dream saved a dragon after exams champion Zhang Yuanbian in the temple all Xianglufeng for ten years, eventually passed the test. (source: picture) "classical view only" a "Xu Wenchang", "Hubei police is the Ming Dynasty writers" written by Yuan Hongdao. Xu Wenchang is a wild wit, although the official, but the sound of his voice as the officer. And he has a champion students called Zhang Yuanbian, but little-known. Zhang Yuan was (1538 – 1588), son of the word, and the Ming Dynasty, Jin, Shanyin (now Zhejiang Shaoxing) people, is the son of Zhang Tianfu. When the young studious, home living Xianglufeng temple, in ten years, after Longqing years high school champion. However, before high school, has a fascinating story. Zhang Yuanbian had a strange dream one night. Dream of an elder to salute after he refined and courteous say: "I am the dragon, has been practiced for a thousand years, last year the day to go, because your seat in my head, you are noble, if you hurt, affect my path. The day after tomorrow at noon and I missed the early period, and three hundred years, for you to move the seat, help me into the road, will report." Zhang Diantou agreed, but put forward two: one to a spring, two villagers don’t hurt. The old nods to answer. Zhang Yuan began to wake up feeling is a dream, also did not care about. But next day at noon, Miyun four, lighting accompanied by peals of thunder, It is raining cats and dogs. When he started thinking, on the eve of the dream, then move the seat, the seat stood at a spring, if a snake and earthworm with water, to be stopped by the gate, a hand dig a hole, and a snake with water. Suddenly a thunderbolt, a snake with horn dragon dragon vacated, spin and spin into the ground, vacated to Zhang nodded. At this time the villagers moved out of the house, to watch the spectacle. Although it rained heavily, but qiuhaowufan. Zhang Yuanbian saw the Dragon drill place into a fountain, the fountain to the Qing Dynasty still exist. Zhang Yuanbian in 1571 after the first high school champion, billboard, Zhang Ji and the monument to the fountain le. Later, Zhang Hanlin Shi read, many writings become famous literature of the Ming dynasty. In his later years, he studied buddhism.相关的主题文章: