[bloom buds] jujube pumpkin bread – and Sohu isobuster

[bloom buds] jujube pumpkin bread – Sohu and every autumn, always remember the home. At that time, there was a big yard. There are several pieces of jujube yard, mother has a lot of kinds of vegetables: cucumber, tomatoes, beans, melon, pumpkin and so on. When each of the Mid Autumn Festival, cousin cousin came home, my mother would bind a sickle long bamboo, we eat bartack. The kind of sweet, after a lapse of years, still in the dream winding. Love and home walls. Full of all kinds of flowers and pumpkin vines. A golden pumpkin, very attractive. Because there is such a memory, so always on the yard, the village has a special liking. Many years later, when the home is gone, but now the most urgent dream, or return to the country, there is a courtyard, big jujube, pomegranate tree in the yard, and full disk walls of pumpkin. Perhaps the growth experience determines the stomach like, so many years, all rivers and lakes, most love, or a bowl of Pumpkin Congee, a jujube pumpkin bread. The original taste, the taste of love. The pumpkin bag Zaoni simple and delicious, with Soybean Milk, more healthy. Material: Soybean Milk grams, grams of egg, steamed pumpkin grams, grams of high gluten flour, flour grams, grams of red bean paste, sugar grams, 3.5 grams of yeast, salt grams, grams of butter. Surface finish: almond slices or black sesame seeds. Practice: 1 to Soybean Milk filtration, put to warm, pour into the bread barrel; 2 in accordance with the principle of the first solid liquid, in addition to the outside of the material to butter into the bread barrel; 3 after the oil massage to film gloves, put the dough in a warm place fermentation; fermentation 4 to two times larger, the dough is divided into several average a, with cling film face up to 15 minutes. I put a large dough dough into 200 grams, with 150 grams of red bean made a wreath of red bean bread, the dough into 8 balls, with 160 grams of red bean paste made of 8 petals red bean bread; 5 each dough roll round, wrapped in red bean paste; 6 gently rolling circle; 7 rolling circle the red bean dough into 8 parts, 2/3 with scissors to radius; 8 groups of two, in the opposite direction folded over; 9 plastic finished bread into the embryo warm place two hair, two hair brush after the egg, the petals at the center of spreading black sesame or almond slices, I 4 and black sesame, 4 sprinkled with almonds. Oven 170 degrees, about 20 minutes. Baked slightly, in the autumn sunshine, contentedly eating bread TIPS:相关的主题文章: