Blue Book state-owned enterprises social responsibility index of leading private enterprises and for mide-031

Blue Book: state-owned enterprises social responsibility index leading to private enterprises and foreign enterprises – the news agency of the new network in October 30 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ding Dong) the blue book of corporate social responsibility Chinese 30 research institutions released on 2016, Chinese state-owned enterprises 100 strong enterprises, especially the central enterprises social responsibility development index continued to lead in the top 100 private enterprises, foreign invested enterprises 100, and showing a growing trend, the top 100 private enterprises and foreign enterprises 100 strong decline in different degrees. The blue book published jointly by the social responsibility research center, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Department of economics in the enterprise China responsibility of Chinese cloud, enterprise 300, 100 state-owned enterprises, 100 private enterprises, foreign enterprises 100 strong and electricity, home appliances, real estate and other 16 key industries in the development of social responsibility index system research, provide reference for to promote corporate social responsibility Chinese. Blue book shows that in 2016, China enterprise 300 strong social responsibility development index was 35.1 points, up 0.7 points, in the initial stage of the whole people; the southern power grid, Chinese Huadian, China Mobile, HUAWEI and other 36 enterprises (12%) social responsibility index reached five star level, in the excellent stage; 70% of the enterprises at the Samsung level and below level, scoring less than 60 points; 137 corporate social responsibility index is only a star, in the spectator stage, accounting for 46%, among them, 15 companies scored 0, did not disclose any information related to social responsibility. Blue Book noted that in 2016, state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and foreign three kind of corporate social responsibility development index difference is obvious, the social responsibility of state-owned enterprises development index of the highest score (56.1 points), of which the central corporate social responsibility development index reached 67 points, followed by foreign enterprises (26), private enterprises lowest (23.3 points). Compared with 2015, private enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises have different degrees of decline, showing that in the complex economic and social background, the development trend of differences in social responsibility management of different enterprises. Foreign capital enterprises 100 strong social responsibility development index shows that in 2016 there are greater differences between foreign companies in the social responsibility of the development index of the 100 regional enterprises in East Asia is far better than the European and American enterprises. Among them, Hanziqiye highest score (70.2 points), reaching four star level; Taiwan funded enterprises (52.4), the Japanese funded enterprises (40.9), reached the Samsung level; Hong Kong enterprises (39.1), German enterprise (27.3 points), two star level; the United States (18.5), France (15.1), the UK (13.8) and other countries (13.8) and Singapore (8.2) the development of corporate social responsibility index decreased as a star, in the spectator stage. Blue Book analysis, state-owned and private enterprises tend to disclose financial data on green management information disclosure is relatively insufficient; while foreign enterprises pay more attention to the supply chain management and community relations in terms of information disclosure, the financial information disclosure is relatively insufficient. The reason is that the top 100 state-owned enterprises are owned by the whole people相关的主题文章: