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Automobiles BMW E89 refers to the chassis code given to the 2nd generation BMW Z4. BMW announced this new model towards the end of 2008 but it was not until mid 2009 that the cars were officially released. Though cars in this generation primarily use 6 cylinder engines, speculation is rife that four cylinder turbo charged engines may eventually replace the no turbo 6 cylinder power plants. Due to the fact that the BMW E89 2009 second generation Z4 came with a retractable hard top similar to the Mercedes SLK, there was no longer need for separate coupe and road star versions to be released. This 2 piece electric powered hydraulic hardtop made of super lightweight aluminum alloy can be folded automatically in less than 25 seconds. When the top is open, the cars boot capacity is 180i but this can increase to over 300i when it is closed. The BMW E89 2009 Second generation Z4s Drive35i uses an improved seven speed clutch box. Steptoronic automatic transmission is offered in the 30i and 23is. However, the standard fitting of the new generation Z4 is a six speed manual transition. A smartcard brake has been provided for all models with BMWs efficient dynamics regenerative braking technology. Apart from the standard drive dynamic control; there are SOPRT and SPORT+ models The interior parts of the second generation Z4was redesigned by Arnauot Nadya and completely revamped. The cars exterior design is the work of the renowned Julianne Blasi. The standard safety equipment featured in the first generation Z4 are used in this model. ABSs such as corner braking control (CBC) and a system to help drivers with the emergency brake are all included. Other pristine safety features include a belt load limitation system, a safety belt pre-tensioner together with ASR and ESP. furthermore; the car has 4 airbags for the front passenger and drive seats and 2 side bags in the cockpit. To increase the comfort of the driver and passenger, there is a system that indicates how sharply the brakes are being applied. This makes it easier for even experienced drivers to ease the cars to a stop without endangering the occupants. All in all, the BMW E89 second generation Z4 is a car tailored with the needs of the drivers in mind. Apart from the speed and sleekness of design, the extensive safety features will ensure that you get their safely. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: