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Health Cancer is one of the misunderstood and hyped diseases in the world. It is true that the disease if not diagnosed in the initial stages and left without attention can take the life of a person. However, there are a lot of myths and wrong facts surrounding cancer and its treatments that furthermore aggravates the pain and suffering experienced by people suffering from it. Cancer by its basic characteristics is an overgrown tumor. The fact is the human body does entertain a small .position of cancer cells in our body which contribute to various bodily functions. It is when these cells overgrow that the disease strikes causing significant damage to the central nervous system and immunity. Cancer is not a death sentence. It is just one of the hardest physical obstacles in life that one has to fight out without succumbing to the pain. To reclaim life from cancer is not something that the medication alone can do. The person also needs to exercise significant will power and mental strength to force his or body to assist the fighting process. Stories of cancer survivors teach us that their willpower was at work for more than the medicines that were administered with. Cancer treatment is a painful process. The chemicals that are injected in the body can cause severe inflammation and pain that will be felt from the insides. Further, the radiation process to target and kill the cancer cells can also damage the mental and physical strength of and individual terribly. There are various alternative treatments for cancer . Some of them which approach fixing the mind rather the body since that is where from where all mental and physical ailments originate. Holistic healing is used to rejuvenate the minds sense which equips a person with the power to endure pain. During cancer treatment, a great deal of pain and suffering has to undergone by the patient. When they are prepared to endure the pain and to face all the sufferings that .e along with it, they are half way across to be .pletely healed from cancer. It is for the same reason that medical experts suggest the use of meditation, breath control and spiritual activities alongside cancer treatment to help the patient endure and cope up with the pain. The Trivedi Effect is a spiritual healing program that has helped several cancer induced persons to enhance their mental strength through the application of the Energy Transmission process. The spiritual healing infuses spiritual energy into a person making them more aware of their existence and higher consciousness . With an improved spiritual awareness, they be.e less susceptible to pain and agony. This assists in cancer treatment during which pain and suffering experienced by the patient has not bounds. The Trivedi Effect was subject by tests and experiments by leading cancer research institutions. They have .e up with positive results that are unbelievably true and baffling to the scientific fraternity. Additional tests are also being conducted in this field to find out an improved way of targeting cancer cells and converting them to normal cells. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: