British financial times market report Korean online games are in crisis

The British "Financial Times" market report: Korean online games is in a crisis of 8.8 CGWR score card booking | novice vindictus area in recent years, the end of the tour market has been sluggish. The British financial times this week published a report on the Korean game market. The report pointed out that the current South Korean online games manufacturers are in crisis. The article pointed out that the South Korean online games not only long-term rule of its local game market, but also exported to many foreign large. However, under the impact of the mobile platform, online games began to lose the favor of the players. South Korea’s traditional online games giant Nexon, NCsoft and other manufacturers, although want to hand travel transformation, but not very successful. In addition to the weak performance of hand travel, Korean traditional online games manufacturers are too focused on the core of the online games market. The report quoted analysts said the South Korean online game company focus too much on the gorgeous screen RPG games, and this kind of game and now approachable, updated faster than the new generation of online games has be cast into the shade. Comparison of "pioneer" and quickly became popular MOBA games, NCsoft’s new "large-scale online games" or "sword of the spirit" in 2012. The British "Financial Times" market report: Korean online games is in crisis in the Korean online games heyday has passed, relatively, they think that now Chinese game market is more mature. In China, the end of the tour is a lot of F2P games are very popular; and the mobile side, the Chinese company’s hand travel is more popular than foreign hand travel. From: playing Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: