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Beauty Makeup kit has proved to be the most successful tool in shaping of the personality and confidence level of the women. Makeup has be.e a necessity for every woman on this earth. Cosmetic products used in the makeup process are gaining huge importance over the time. The most important tool to apply the makeup is brush. The intensity and quality of the makeup is defined by the usage of the brush. It works like the brush of an artist who shapes the whole portrait just by the strokes of his brush. Brushes differ in their types and sizes depending on the nature of their applications. There are few key features to select a good applicator to ensure the perfect makeup. Factors that affect the selection of a brush are Ferrule Handle Tuft Hair length Shape Ferrule is the metal portion of the brush which ensures the strength and durability of the brush. It should be well made and safe for the skin. The neatness to the ferrule will make the working to the brush fine and smooth. Since ferrule acts as the part of holder of the brush, therefore it should have a smooth grip. Handle of the brush has to be made of wood. Lose grip on the brush can totally change the affect of makeover. Tuft is the part of brush which actually applies the make up on the skin. The quality and fineness of the tuft will make the makeover perfect and harmonized. To achieve the elegance and quality of the tuft usually natural hair is used as tuft. Length of the hair defines the intensity of the makeup. Brushes with short hair length will make the makeover look more dramatic; in case of long hair length the look tends to be absolute. Usually brushes .e in three shapes like straight, graduated and tapered. Tapered brushes are used to handle the curve on the face and neck while straight and graduated are used for spreading and blending. Since brushes are the important and expensive part of the toolkit, so they should be handled with extra care. They should be cleaned using proper cleanser after every makeup session so as to retain the quality of the tuft. Shapes of the applicators tend to vary with the nature of its usage. Forms of the applicators include congealer brush, foundation brush, cheek cream brush, sheer crease brush, mascara fan, and the lip brush. All these brushes affect the makeover and the personality, only research for the selection of brushes and care in their usage can increase their life and quality. Since makeup kit is considered to be the part of womens personality likewise brushes determines the personality of the makeup kit. They both are .plementary to each other. Therefore, care regarding selection of makeup kit and brushes is essential. Only brushes matching to your personality should be the part of your makeup kit. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: