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CCTV: express a single leak into single personal information disclosure report to the public security organs to express news: reporter recently interviewed in Fuzhou found that some people send express, express a single fill even in network sale. The personal information of the courier user becomes a commodity that can be bought and sold. These are used to express the sale of a single in the end is how to come? The reporter understands, currently on the market generally express a single four copies, two copies of which belong to the sender and the recipient, and the remaining two copies of a single to express company as the base, the other is a courier stub. According to industry sources, there are some couriers do not dare to take the risk of leaving the end of the sale of a single, etc.. It is understood that, in accordance with a courier delivery every sixty parcels to calculate, one month down one person can save more than 1 thousand express a single. These express orders in accordance with the use of different prices are also high. A courier company staff said, the customer’s personal information leakage, most practitioners use to facilitate the work done, but how to effectively prevent the disclosure of customer information, the courier company currently has not found an effective way. According to the "China PRC Criminal Law Amendment (nine)", in violation of the relevant provisions of the state, sell to others or provide personal information of citizens, in serious cases three years of fixed-term imprisonment or criminal detention, or impose a fine gold. If the circumstances are especially serious, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than seven years and shall also be fined. Legal reminder, once you find their personal information was leaked, you can report to the public security organs for the first time.相关的主题文章: