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Chanel CEO Maureen Chiquet brand announced he was leaving the lead: Chanel spring 2016 Couture series show held on the brand announced before a surprising news, CEO Maureen Chiquet will leave at the end of this month, the reason is the strategic development direction of the brand dispute. (from: Chanel brand CEO Maureen tide network) Chiquet Chanel announced that one of the founders left the brand President GabrielleChanel’s grandson Alain Wertheimer will take over Maureen Chiquet’s office, MaureenChiquet took office in 2007, is one of the few female fashion CEO. Chanel issued the following statement: "Maureen Chiquet Chanel brand in 9 years, made great efforts to enhance the brand’s global expansion, luxury brand positioning and classic image, made a contribution to the development of various types of goods brand, Chanel Maureen thank Ms. Chiquet made for the brand development efforts, wish her all the best for the future."

Chanel品牌CEO Maureen Chiquet宣布离开   导语:Chanel 2016春夏高级定制系列大秀举行,品牌日前宣布一个惊人的消息,CEO Maureen Chiquet将于本月末离开,原因是对品牌的策略性发展方向有争议。(转自:观潮网) Chanel品牌CEO Maureen Chiquet宣布离开   Chanel品牌总裁即创始人之一GabrielleChanel的孙子Alain Wertheimer将接任Maureen Chiquet的职务,MaureenChiquet于2007年就职,是时尚界少有的女性CEO之一。Chanel方面发布以下声明:“Maureen Chiquet在Chanel品牌的9年间,为品牌全球扩张作出了努力,增强了品牌奢侈品定位和经典形象,为品牌各商品种类发展作出了贡献,Chanel 方面非常感谢Maureen Chiquet女士为品牌发展作出的努力,祝福她未来一切顺利。”相关的主题文章: