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Changan Ford + three people to create a model of the automotive industry cooperation in the United States in 1960s, the first appearance of interactive advertising on television: let’s look at your Lark. JWT uses an old saying: "the truck is the strongest (BUILD FORD TOUGH)." This sentence runs through the entire advertising is played incisively and vividly. It is also such a sentence to make Ford into the United States, the first truck brand, a vivid image of the advertising is still fresh. In the international advertising industry, often have a famous brand and advertising company long-term cooperation to create success well. People tend to think that such a lackluster domestic similar case. In fact, in China’s auto industry, Changan Ford and three people line Advertising Co., Ltd. has been up to 9 years of cooperation, can also be exemplary. As a digital media group in all the achievements of a subsidiary, three of us are walking together with 19 years of professional advertising agency, integrated marketing, content marketing and big data DSP buying experience, with a great reputation in the industry. The Changan Ford as a joint venture with a hundred years of history, Ford and Changan, has been to benefit the world’s responsibility for innovation. Since the first two companies since 2008 cooperation, powerful alliances, innovation. 2008, three people became the Changan Ford China media agency. 2009, three people to help complete the 2009 Carnival (with reference, pictures, inquiry) new listing. In 2010, the Mondeo (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) winning market, Ford will introduce advanced models Chinese 2011; Fawkes (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) listed on the national power, Changan Ford to further consolidate the leading position in the market China. 2012 new Fawkes listed, Changan Ford open 1515 chapter, the same year sales growth of 31%. 2013: (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) listed the title sponsor of the Oriental TV "Chinese sound of dream", became the first in the China reality show Title Cooperation brand China car prices. By the end of 2014 new Foris (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) listing campaign, gains awards, Ai Fei (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) awards, the same year completed sales of 800 thousand, compared to 2012 growth of nearly 1 times. 2015 sharp boundaries (with reference, pictures, inquiry) listed, the phenomenon of cooperation CCTV program "impossible", the same stage ratings second, CCTV multiple channels more than pure broadcast, ROI report over 1100%. From the new Fawkes in 2012 to the end of 2015 Taurus, "1515" plan period, Changan Ford’s star products on the market, Fawkes, wing stroke (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), maverick, new Mondeo, Foris, Rui, Taurus etc.. The whole case of media planning and implementation of the product, the progress and effectiveness of each new car market has played a decisive role. In three people and Changan Ford joint efforts, these models have become a leader in each of the market segments, market and sales win. 9 years of service, three of us are walking together and not merely positioning itself as a "advertising" role, and Changan Ford constantly, dig the social hot spots, matching industry and enterprise, with high quality.相关的主题文章: