Changhua county is the explosion typhoon false friends said, put a Mao County response – Beijing

Changhua county is the explosion typhoon false friends said, put a hair "county to respond to the new network in September Beijing – in 14, according to the Taiwan news network reported that Taiwan is located in central Changhua County, because in the range of normal working class today, county magistrate Wei Minggu on Facebook to remind people to do to prepare for the typhoon, a netizen in the comments below" the speech is really beautiful, and attach a dialogue screenshots, the figure shows he asked "don’t put it," Wei Minggu would reply "put a hair", sparked heated discussions friends. Users see this "concise and comprehensive" response have said "killing", some people praised Wei Minggu for "super domineering", "county magistrate to do it yourself," "clean", put a friendly but not vulgar, Mao "image", there are a lot of support Minggu Wei’s decision, that is a "fundamental questions fart child", "wimpy rude earlier, Weasley asked people back more polite?" "No wind, no rain is to put what", "Changhua has put a few false typhoon is a dangerous situation? Would you like to go to the movies and go shopping?" This incident, Changhua County News Director Lin Deyu apology, said it is Facebook administrator check is one of the county secretary administrator, when his mobile phone is high school son away, practical joke replied "put a hair" for this county will be reviewed.相关的主题文章: