Chemical industry continues to focus on polyurethane industry chain investment opportunities 9c8996

Chemical industry: continue to focus on investment opportunities in polyurethane industry chain Golden State Securities Research Report released October 14th report as follows: chemical industry, chemical industry significantly outperform, accompanied by all kinds of chemical products prices rose this week, some chemical sub sectors showed color. In recent years, the polyurethane industry chain as the representative of the sub industry is active, while some of the products with a certain price rise is expected to cycle the same eye-catching performance of the industry. We believe that the four quarter of the cycle of products in chemical industry or will exceed market expectations, the market will return to the performance of the main line of logic anchor, suggest attention has expectations of higher prices and support for the performance of the sub sectors, including: industry segments viscose staple fiber, titanium dioxide, sodium carbonate and PVC, carbon black, potassium sorbate – B methyl ester, TDI etc.. Including the Golden State team recent ideas and basic chemical investment advice we recommend focus on the subject: benefit from the three quarter spread black repair industry chain usher performance inflection point, increase the bargaining power of the cat shares, East Wing shares; benefiting from the fundamentals of potassium sorbate, double B methyl industry gradually improved acetify shares benefited from overseas; the limited capacity of the giant DSM Vitamin vitamin E industry, concerned about the proposal and into a new, such as Zhejiang pharmaceutical industry; benefit from low inventory, higher operation rate, lower orders full of viscose staple fiber industry, good prices continue to rise, Nanjing chemical fiber, chemical Sanyou recommendations concern, while the recent PVC and soda prices continued to maintain a strong rise. To further boost the performance of three chemical growth; titanium dioxide industry enterprises to improve supply and demand, accelerated to the inventory, since 2016 has been 10 times the price, Recommendations concern billions, annada, Gimpo titanium, nuclear titanium dioxide; concerned about the performance of the proposed future assets into the expected inflection point clear, strong Xinjiang Tianye benefited from the healthy development of the industry; MDI polyurethane Kingdom two venture Wanhua chemical again; benefit price TDI prices rose sharply in recent ST Cangzhou; growth stocks, we are optimistic about " agricultural integration; " under the new mode of the subject, STANLEY and Jin Zhengda; benefit from domestic IC acceleration under the background of electronic chemical industry, new materials, strong recommendations concern Kay materials, South photoelectric; attention transformation and development of TAC film is expected to usher in a performance inflection point in 2016 of the new Lun technology proposed to continue; platform enterprise sinocera attention has strong research and development capabilities, the company executives, a high proportion of subscription of additional nano materials is expected to blossom more; Amino acid industry by the increasingly stringent environmental verification stimulus, product prices are expected to usher in the rise, it is recommended to focus on the only amino acid A benchmark plum blossom.相关的主题文章: