Chen Jingwei innovation and entrepreneurship is a rare opportunity for the development of Hong Kong, winlinez

Chen Jingwei: "innovation" is the Hong Kong and Macao Taiwan Overseas Chinese youth opportunity – China news agency new network in August 26 Tianjin Xinhua (reporter Liu Jiayu) Hongkong China chamber of Commerce President Chen Jingwei said in Tianjin on 26, innovation is the first power to lead the development of the. The current China innovation and entrepreneurship booming, this is a golden opportunity for development of the majority of Chinese Hong Kong Macao and overseas Chinese young people. The same day, the Ninth Annual International Youth Friendship Association opened in Tianjin, Chen Jingwei attended the meeting and delivered a speech. He said that Chaoshanese industriousness and stamina, mutual love, gather positive energy from Chaoshang; good pragmatic innovation, hard pioneer. National prosperity, economic prosperity cannot do without the positive contribution of overseas Chinese at home and abroad, including the trendsetter chaoshang. "The country is vigorously promoting the" The Belt and Road "and" public entrepreneurship, innovation ", the majority of Chinese Hong Kong Macao and overseas Chinese youth is a golden opportunity for development." Chen Jingwei said that the majority of overseas Chinese have the most Chaozhou youth international education background and outlook, with strong technological innovation, entrepreneurial ability and unique advantages in The Belt and Road construction, should seize the opportunity to share. Chao Ji youth representatives, Li Guixiong, President of the Thailand Chinese Youth Chamber of Commerce, said the current era has too many opportunities, too many surprises, but also carrying too many dreams. He said the world Chaozhou youth, not only to work hard to expand in their own areas, should strengthen the active exchanges, promote the spirit of unremitting self-improvement trendsetter, unite together, together brilliant career achievements. The theme of this year’s conference is "Tianjin youth, youth dream". During the meeting, foreign guests will participate in the "international" green tide boost Tianjin Belt and Road Initiative "Construction Forum" and "Tianjin Youth tide hit off the forum and other activities, and went to Tianjin Binhai New Area, free trade zone and other places to visit. As an important link of global Chaozhou Youth Communication Association, the International Youth Fellowship tide years will begin in 1999, has been in Hongkong, Paris, France Chinese Canada Montreal, Shenzhen, Bangkok, Thailand Chinese successfully held eight sessions. (end)相关的主题文章: