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China business talk B20 keynote speech: the implementation of action should be deep Belt and Road Initiative construction – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing in September 14, Wenguerzhixin (Xia Bin). 10 days ago, Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a keynote speech at the summit of the group of industry and Commerce (hereinafter referred to as the B20 Summit), the world economic recovery out of the Chinese prescription for the world economy in". 14, Chinese International Trade Promotion Committee (hereinafter referred to as CCPIT) held China business President Xi Jinping important speech learning B20 Summit Forum in beijing. Representatives of the participating companies are of the view that specific actions to implement the speech of President Xi Jinping of the B20 summit is deep Belt and Road Initiative "construction, in order to cure the patient". "Let the vast number of developing countries and China together to obtain status and promotion in the next world in the process of economic development, Chinese responsibility." China Merchants Group Deputy General Manager Hu Jianhua pointed out that the construction of Chinese to innovation, openness, interaction, inclusive of the world economy, must cooperate with the "The Belt and Road along the developing countries and. The board of directors of the China Minmetals Corp office director Zhang Ye said, "an action, more than a dozen programs, China has passed the" The Belt and Road construction initiated and various enterprises in the international arena brilliant performance, opened China into world economic activities of the big screen. Overview of enterprises active in the "The Belt and Road along the country, is a vivid microcosm of China participation in the world economy. The electric power projects in infrastructure construction as an example, China Datang Corporation policy research director Li Yunfeng pointed out, "The Belt and Road along the country with a population of 4 billion 400 million, but with less electricity than the global total 20%, to provide a great opportunity for China power enterprises. On the third day after the end of the B20 summit, Datang Group and the Lao government signed the North Laos hydropower project cooperation agreement, the project installed capacity of 912 thousand kilowatts, which belongs to the large-scale projects in Southeast asia. "This is thanks to the" China Belt and Road Initiative ‘construction, the future will promote the global economy construction of open linkage." Li Yunfeng said. At the same time, China will also be innovative technology into the "The Belt and Road along the country, make contribution to the construction of inclusive economic. Langchao group vice president Chen Jinxiong believes that in the digital economy, IT has become the infrastructure and facilities of water, electricity, transportation and other equally important, the tide has been in the "The Belt and Road along the country, such as Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries, the output of the advanced technology and successful mode of cloud computing Chinese. Lenovo Group Vice President Chen Rongkai pointed out that President Xi Jinping stressed in his speech, to promote inclusive and sustainable development, the international community is not only a moral responsibility, also can release effective demand is immeasurable, "this is a very useful information for us." He said that although the current has entered the digital era, but in fact the digital gap is not narrowing, and even expanded, according to data released by the world bank, 40% of the world’s people do not have access to the Internet, 2 billion 500 million people can not use the mobile phone. "Therefore, we must build an inclusive world economy and promote digital consumption相关的主题文章: