China live app gathered top ranking bat look at fiercely as a tiger does remonstrate

Chinese live App gathered on top BAT ranking: Live 2016 is undoubtedly look at fiercely as a tiger does the mobile Internet outlet, the influx of each capital, the domestic market has more than and 200 direct start-up companies, the traditional bigwigs have also invested heavily. But at the same time, crowded live market also exposed a variety of problems, the whole industry is in a period of growth, and when the war is over, what will be left behind? Cheetah Android live global think tank based on the market for a lot of reading AppInsight data. In Chinese App application and game rankings of the top 150, there are 20 App with live function, the relative rankings are as follows: obviously, not a pure live App, is famous App embedded broadcast function, including news, video, electricity providers, social four categories. Look at the pure live App ranking: togetherness era is undoubtedly the biggest winner, YY ME, bIGO Live, and tiger respectively occupy first, 3, 24, 39. The celebrations of the times is currently the largest Internet platform provider China voice, published in the cheetah global think tank "2016 global App development report", the celebrations of the times in the global App publisher ranked twelfth. There are several well-known live entertainment trend: the permeability of App, a veteran of the YY is in a slow decline, on the one hand is the new live App complex patterns and great impact emerge in an endless stream, on the other hand, YY has always adhere to the "to you" pattern has not changed, the user at the main topic is the aesthetic performance of sow fatigue. Reflect some of the ups and downs of the live broadcast of the audience, there is a short burst of pepper, follow-up still need to continue efforts. Live entertainment is one of the most popular, the fundamental reason is a reward function, in short, is a word "money" to the red net have children for example, she reflected off the existing live about 4588070 Ying ticket for Renminbi is 450 thousand. Another factor is the sense of participation, such as millet CEO Lei Jun millet in many live appearances, released millet Max, MIUI and UAV, and in the broadcast to the audience repeatedly to "applause", "flowers", "Porsche" and "yacht", the audience is more generous, give him a live a reward of about 3000000 star tickets, equivalent to RMB about 300000.     change game live is not so big, Huya steadily is still way ahead, Betta, panda basic stalled. It is worth mentioning that the three broadcast platform have joined the show elements of beauty. China’s live market in the future? Cheetah global think tank predicted the future is likely to be BAT big three harvest, because each industry’s strong competitors in the three or so, not more than five, there must be one or even all of the two belong to BAT. In addition, there may be a new venture unicorn, the company will win a live broadcast of the Internet industry will occupy a place. At present, YY mapping in large passenger advantage live in the society, and reflect off the offensive is more fierce, after several change radically still have a chance to gather, belonging to YY.相关的主题文章: