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China at Zhengzhou airport in Henan detected the first imported Zika virus disease – China news agency new network in September 12 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Liu Changzhong) China national quality inspection administration disclosure 12 evening, Chinese inspection and quarantine departments in Henan province were first imported Zika virus disease in Zhengzhou airport. In September 8th, the Henan inspection and Quarantine Bureau of inspection and Quarantine of entry passengers at the Zhengzhou airport, found that 1 of them from Guatemala with fever, rash and other symptoms of the Chinese passengers, through on-site rapid detection and laboratory tests showed that Zika virus nucleic acid positive. The case was the first case of imported in China, Henan province. The passengers denied the past two weeks, the history of mosquito bites, contact with the disease has not been linked to the disease, the staff did not appear related symptoms. In view of the passengers with the residence of the outbreak of the outbreak of the country’s history of Guatemala card, can not rule out the suspicion of infection. Field inspection and quarantine personnel through my consent to collect urine, saliva for testing, and the samples sent to the Henan International Travel Health Care Center Laboratory for testing. At the same time, the Henan inspection and Quarantine Bureau will be informed of the relevant circumstances of the Henan provincial health and Family Planning Commission, and the passengers transferred to the Sixth People’s Hospital of Zhengzhou for further diagnosis and treatment. The port site Zika rapid detection of real time fluorescent quantitative PCR virus, the urine and saliva samples were detected in passenger Zika virus nucleic acid positive. September 9th, the Henan international travel health care center laboratory and the Henan Provincial Center for disease control, respectively, to detect the samples showed that the villagers were positive for hepatitis C virus nucleic acid. In September 12th, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and prevention to carry out a review of the test, confirmed that the case for the case of infection of the village of card virus. Since February 2nd, the WHO (WHO) announced that neonatal microcephaly and other neurological diseases, constitutes a "public health emergency of international concern", these cases may be closely related to Zika virus epidemic since Chinese state quality inspection administration have deployed a number of measures to strengthen Zika virus disease outbreak prevention and control of the port, to carry out dynamic Zika virus disease risk assessment, eight ministries jointly issued on the prevention and control of Zika virus disease outbreak Chinese incoming notice, request the port to strengthen quarantine, prevent the spread of infectious disease, and issued a travel warning, and carry out publicity and education. China State Quality Inspection Administration said, will continue to follow the Zika virus disease outbreak mechanism for joint prevention and control work requirements, and strengthen the health planning and other departments of communication and coordination, pay close attention to the dynamics of the epidemic, timely adjustment of prevention and control measures, strict control of the epidemic from the incoming port. (end)相关的主题文章: