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Chongqing university is God of food "Apple pork fried a half hours sold Sohu news in September last year, Southwest University of Political Science and Law Dongyuan canteen a" cold spicy ", users are considered to refresh the understanding of the dark cafeteria food. February 22nd, @ My Forum administrative micro-blog again broke the news, said my new Dongyuan canteen food "Apple fried meat", and wespecial: "users have been in the dark restaurant on the road farther away," said Jin Mu cook should pay attention to water fire and earth "," the chef in the kitchen in order to improve the food. Broken heart"…… How to taste sweet and Sour Meat smooth chewing with apple at noon yesterday, the reporters came to the West Campus of Yubei Dongyuan cafeteria on the first floor, found the "Apple fried meat in the popular meal window". Sauteed chicken dices with chili peppers fried meat, garlic, stewed duck…… Reporters saw, in the dozens of dishes for students to choose, spicy taste mostly, only this apple fried meat, red, yellow, colored, it is very small and fresh". "Aunt, I want an apple fried meat."!" At this time, when the students lunch time, many students lined up waiting to play a copy. For half an hour, apple fried meat is short. "Yesterday, when my friend saw the discussion on micro-blog, he asked me to bring her to taste it." Law professional freshman Yang Yang said with a smile, her friend Hu Ting from the University of Wanzhou rushed over, try to eat apple fried meat. "Ha ha, sour and sweet, chewing full of apple fragrance, delicious."!" Hu Ting said the next time my taste was full of praise, and then a new dish to early adopters. "It tastes good! It is especially suitable for our foreign students who don’t like spicy food." Chen Hu, a freshman at the international law major, said he was from Zhejiang, and the light Apple fried meat was just what he wanted. Then, reporters try to eat that Apple entrance fruity sweet meat and smooth, full of the aroma of apples, the whole dish is delicious. The cook dish also belongs to the dialogue will push for more "apple banana minced chicken feast beet, apple fried meat is northern dishes. The students have to eat more food, they think of a change for everyone from greasy." The 62 year old chef Peng Zhongfu, apple fried meat inside the meat is chicken meat of chicken, apple temperature, high protein content, this dish is warming dish, very suitable for spring and summer to eat. "This dish was launched one day, received a good response, there will be a new dish of minced chicken banana." Hu Dachun, the head of the public dining window, said. Experts say that apple with chicken, vitamin A and other easier to absorb, combined with local tastes, improve the apple stir fried meat mix is reasonable? Director of the Chongqing municipal hospital nutrition department Liu Li said, "Apple fried meat" appears to be dark cuisine, but many fruits can be used as cooking ingredients, as long as customers accept is an innovation. The apple tastes mild, and high protein of chicken meat can be the perfect combination of vitamin A and other trace elements more easily absorbed by the body, suggested cook should choose crisp apple is appropriate, can also be combined with improved taste, smell more native fish.

重庆高校现神菜“苹果炒肉” 炒一次半小时卖光-搜狐新闻   去年9月,西南政法大学东苑食堂的一道“冰镇麻辣烫”,被网友认为刷新了对高校食堂黑暗料理的认识。2月22日,@西政人论坛官微再爆料,称西政东苑食堂现新菜“苹果炒肉”,网友又炸锅了:“已在黑暗料理的不归路上越走越远了”、“据说做菜要讲究金木水火土”、“厨房师傅为改善伙食也是操碎了心”……   口味如何   肉片爽滑酸甜 嚼着满口苹果香   昨日中午,记者来到西政渝北校区东苑食堂一楼,在大众餐窗口找到了“苹果炒肉”。辣子鸡丁、蒜苔炒肉、红烧鸭子……记者看到,在供同学们选择的数十种菜品中,麻辣口味居多,唯独这道苹果炒肉红黄有色,显得十分“小清新”。   “阿姨,我要一份苹果炒肉!”此时,正值同学们的午餐时间,不少学生排起队等待打一份。仅半小时,苹果炒肉便卖空。   “昨天朋友看到微博上讨论,就闹着让我带她来尝尝。”法学专业的大一学生杨洋笑着说,她的朋友胡婷从万州的大学过来,就冲着试吃苹果炒肉。“哈哈,酸酸甜甜,嚼着满口苹果香,好吃!”胡婷品尝后赞不绝口,称下次西政再出新菜式还要来尝鲜。   “味道不错!特别适合我们不爱吃辣一族的外地同学。”国际法专业大一学生陈虎说,他来自浙江,清淡的苹果炒肉正合他意。   随后,记者试吃发现,苹果入口果味香甜,肉片爽滑,饱含苹果的香气,整道菜清淡可口。   对话厨师   属北方菜做法 还将推香蕉鸡丁   “苹果多用作宴席甜菜中,苹果炒肉算是北方菜的做法。同学们过年吃多了大鱼大肉,便想到换个口味给大家解解腻。”62岁的厨师彭忠富介绍,苹果炒肉里面的肉是鸡脯肉,苹果性温,鸡肉蛋白质含量高,这道菜是温补菜,很适合春夏吃。   “这道菜才推出一天,就收到很好的反响,接下来还会有香蕉鸡丁等新菜。”大众餐窗口负责人胡大春说。   专家说   苹果配鸡肉维A等更易吸收 可结合本土口味改良   苹果炒肉的混搭是否合理呢?重庆市三院营养科主任刘莉表示,“苹果炒肉”看似是黑暗料理,但很多水果可用来当做食材烹饪,只要食客接受也是一种创新。苹果的性味温和,和高蛋白的鸡脯肉可以完美结合,维A、微量元素等更易被人体吸收,建议厨师烹饪时应选择脆苹果为宜,也可结合鱼香味等更本土的口味改良。相关的主题文章: