Chongqing will set up the foundation for the development of football in 2020, up to 2909 blocks 3edyy

Chongqing will set up a football development fund in 2020, the football field up to 2909 Chongqing Media Sports Edition screenshot reporter   Zhao Yingji got; after the municipal government agreed and formally announced in November 10th the "Chongqing City Football Reform and development plan", the "implementation plan" work will be carried out has become one of hot topics. Yesterday afternoon, deputy director of the Chongqing Municipal Sports Bureau in charge of football Zhang Xin and Chongqing Football Association executive vice president Du Xueyong and Chongqing media face to face, has carried on the explanation and answer, including the Chongqing Times reporters, Chongqing municipal media questions in the field. According to the Municipal Sports Bureau’s plan, the next step will be to focus, to carry out effective work according to the architecture of 1+3, trying to make the "implementation plan" the implementation of a good start. Organization, funds are guaranteed as an important press conference interpretation of the "implementation plan" of the Chongqing Municipal Sports Bureau will be the location of the conference in Chongqing Olympic Sports Center Press hall in the Super League, usually held before the press conference, which also expressed the Chongqing Municipal Sports Bureau to do the "implementation plan" the implementation of the resolution. To the "implementation plan" implemented, capital and organization is the decisive factor, deputy director Zhang Xin introduced to the media about these two points: "the future of the Chongqing Municipal Sports Bureau and relevant departments will be discussed after the establishment of Chongqing City Football Development Foundation, each year according to the ratio of not less than 8% from the public the city’s gold sports lottery funding arrangements, and encourage donations, according to the current situation of Chongqing sports lottery sales, the money will be more than 100 million yuan, the money will be earmarked for juvenile football talent cultivation and social activities of football and football activities; the organization will establish municipal government leaders as the convener, the Municipal Sports Bureau and the City Commission, the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the municipal development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Finance Bureau and other 21 municipal departments and units responsible for human members of the" Chongqing City Football Reform and development department joint meeting, the office of the meeting is located in the Municipal Sports Bureau, the daily affairs of the city football association." Will introduce three matching schemes according to the Municipal Sports Bureau plan, from now on will focus on, to carry out effective work according to the architecture of 1+3, trying to make the "implementation plan" the implementation of a good start. In the 3+1 1 guidelines "overall plan", the 3 refers to the 3 plan and planning, supporting include: "Chongqing Football Association", "adjustment and reform program of Chongqing City Football facilities planning (2016-2020 years", "Chongqing City Football long-term development plan", the three supporting plan and planning, will be at the end of this year in the introduction. It relates to the "Chongqing City Football Association adjustment reform program" Chongqing City Football Association and Sports Bureau from this hot issue, Zhang Xin told the Chongqing Times reporter said: "the football association must be decoupled, but this need a stage, the reform is from shallow to deep, we made this plan is the first step the Football Association, will go to the administration of independent operation, the future, enjoy the interior organization, work plan, financial and personnel management and salary"相关的主题文章: