Chopsticks – Sohu sweets parade

Chopsticks – why Sohu ancestors set 16 for 1 pounds, chopsticks long 7 inches 6 minutes? Great wisdom ah! Many people say the culture, but do not know the culture, in fact, heaven culture hidden in every corner of our life, non life and not to see the heart. Intentions to find, repair, promote, do not have to be a slogan, fall in the oral, contrary to other cultures! Chinese citizens, small chopsticks Avenue tibet. The two chopsticks are two, "against the" trigrams "mouth". The chopsticks is straight Xungua should, "the meaning of". The chopsticks head, a round head, corresponding Tianyuandifang, circular symbol of the days of the head to the mouth is put, "hunger breeds discontentment". China citizen chopsticks Tibet avenue. The use of chopsticks a initiative, a driven, driven initiative for Yang, Yin, this is like the queen. With chopsticks, the thumb and forefinger on the ring finger in the little finger, the middle finger in the middle, is between three like. Use chopsticks also pay attention to, the first dish can’t knock knock disc son, one is called the cook do not taste good, two is used only to knock a beggar. Second can not use chopsticks refers to people. The dish can only clip from the top down, called "riding clip", from the bottom to turn the folder called "sedan chair clip" is not allowed. The chopsticks are not inserted in the Steamed Rice, it represents the past only pay homage to the dead incense, the chopsticks into the central meal. The past to Wenzhan death to eat a bowl of rice will finally put the chopsticks in the middle. 1 Why is the ancestors of the sixteen set of two pounds? In the past people used to describe just about the same two things are the same, why? We use the original ancestors scale is two sixteen pound, half a catty and 82 is the same so. So why were sixteen ancestors? Two for a pound? There is great wisdom! The legend of our ancestors observed, "the Big Dipper star, plus the next Fu, Lu, Shou Samsung, is just sixteen star. The Big Dipper, "six main main death, Fu, Lu, Shou Samsung were the main ones life Fu, Lu, shou. They look at everything in heaven. So people are doing, God is watching. It is said that doing business, if that thing, Duanjinshaoliang, will be punished. Sell things to people one or two, Fuxing will reduce this person to Fu; 22, Paul star gave the man to give less Paul; 32, God gave the man of life lost. Ancient people all know people do, God in ", so people do not dare unconscionable. 2 why chopsticks are 7 inches and 6 minutes? The standard length of the chopsticks is seven inches six points, representing people in nature and the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures, different animal. Some people envy Westerners eat with forks and knives, feel this kind of posture and posture of taste. But after learning is only occasionally used. Chinese people in the daily life of the Chinese meal with knives and forks, presumably are wonderful. Knife and fork is only after the metallurgical equipment. The metallurgical technique was invented in fifteenth Century, before it was widely used in daily life, Westerners actually ate with their hands. By contrast, the history of civilization is much longer. The key is that chopsticks are two, is called a pair!相关的主题文章: