Churidar Suits Make You .fortable In Monsoon-unfccc

Fashion-Style The thought of going out during monsoons is quite a dreadful one. This is mainly due to the condition of the roads covered with mud and, of course, decorated with water puddles. This leads to one of the main concerns during monsoons i.e., the clothes getting all dirty. Even though the cool and cloudy weather might be really tempting and beckon one to spend the day outdoors, the very thought of the possible mess created by mud is an instant turn off. At the same time, one need to step out for various reasons and the way to successfully tackle the monsoon mess is to dress smart along with dressing well. Churidar Suit is one ethnic Indian ensemble that proves ideal for monsoons. Unlike its cousin, the Salwar Kameez , Churidar Suit is tight fitting which serves the purpose. Although the Kameez does not vary drastically between Salwar Kameez and Churidar Suits or Churidar Kameez, it is the bottom part of the ensemble that makes all the difference. While Salwar is loose and features pleats thereby imparting a baggy effect, Churidar is more body fitting and sort of sticks to the legs forming numerous folds towards the ankle. Due to its body fitting quality, it is extremely easy and .fortable to move around in a Churidar Suit or Churidar Kameez .pared to a Salwar Kameez, especially in bad weather or difficult surroundings. The Kameez in both these ensembles remain more or less the same with the only slight difference being that in Salwar Kameez the Kameez tends to be shorter while in Churidar Kameez it is preferable to opt for a longer Kameez. It may be noted that the terms Salwar Kameez and Churidar Kameez are often used interchangeably by quite a few which might lead to few confusions. Hence, while shopping it is better to first confirm and clarify the bottom style by being specific. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: