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Cloud terrace, as Yuanyang Jiangnan landscape tourism Sohu mentioned terrace, I believe many of my friends will think of some beauty Chinese southwest, such as Yunnan, Yuanyang Hani terrace, Guangxi Longji terrace Guilin Guizhou Qiandongnan kabong terrace, because these are the famous scenic spots at home and abroad, they are a model of harmonious coexistence man and nature, is the passenger who dream of the place, is a photographer’s paradise yearn day and night. In fact, such a beauty in the south of the Yangtze River area, such as the "China’s most beautiful terraced fields," said the clouds and terraced fields in Zhejiang, is a beautiful landscape painting. The so-called terrace, we literally is like a ladder in the field, or a field ladder, but the actual situation is like this, is the people in the mountainous areas to the needs of production and life, they had in the sloping land of land to grow food, daily accumulation, they formed a terrace. Zhejiang clouds and terraced fields in Lishui is actually the formation of. According to legend, one thousand years ago, originally living in Guangdong, Fujian province compatriots, because the needs of life, were forced to migrate to Zhejiang and generation, because these places are "half water half minutes of cropland" a mountainous area, land leveling is very small, not enough to feed them. She so smart and hard-working ancestors, with a hoe and sickle cutting shrubs and thorns on the hill, digging stone, pick ups and downs in the complex as gravel, slope, sway with their sweat, even may also give life, cultivate a day in and day out month after month and year after year, a small piece of a small, small block a small piece of land. Narrow or wide terrace, a small piece of a long, irregular upper and lower stretch under the mountain. The smallest terraced fields River, known as the "slap field", even a pocket spring rice, harvest a rice, will not easily give up. After thousands of years of practice, have accumulated rich experience and cultivated species of terraced fields, terraced fields more and more, the scale is also growing, so in today’s cloud, we will have a chance to see such a beautiful terrace, Professor Ding Qizheng of Beijing Foreign Studies University as peers said, to form these terraces is not to make us feel good. But local residents in order to survive, to reclaim, and this is a very complicated system engineering, is far from what we see is so simple, for example, such a high altitude field, the water come from? How do crops irrigation? Why do they not destroy the ecological landscape, but beautify nature, curing the mountain, the protection of soil and water? This is the true embodiment of human wisdom, but also the fellow labor. We are arriving and fall, it was just after harvest, terrace no water, what are not fields, no clouds, no, no, no sunrise sunset glow, it can be said that our trip and a little embarrassed. However, what is the relationship, different seasons, different scenery, clouds and terraces we see is not the most beautiful, but also a lot of people have not seen, at least can also be very special. Standing on the terrace height in front of those ups and downs, handed the edge of a field, or big or small or long or short, mountain, shapes, along the hillside were irregularly winding away. A.相关的主题文章: