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CTO Hu Liang: money Niuniu technology allows financial technology to maximize the value of science and technology – Sohu Texun November 18th – jointly organized by the ministries China Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of agriculture, the State Intellectual Property Office, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Academy of engineering and the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government of the eighteenth session of the China the international hi tech Fair (the fair), held in Shenzhen on November 16th. The annual fair always has a "China first exhibition of science and technology, science and technology exhibition Chinese said, is the largest and most influential, was founded in 17 years is highly valued by national leaders and professionals abroad, the number of visitors each year more than 500 thousand people. The former Deputy Prime Minister John · Prescott, former Hungarian prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany · Christopher · fee, Lunci won the Nobel prize in economics; Jazz authority and Pissarides heavyweight guests have boarded the stage of the fair. Use technology to subvert the financial efficiency in November 17th, financial technology platform money Niuniu CTO Hu Liang, with "artificial intelligence, big data: the new Internet financial future" as the topic, published a wonderful speech at the fair financial technology summit. Hu Liang worked in Tencent for 8 years, is a senior scientist level technical engineer. After several China the wave of the Internet, leaving the business two years ago, Hu Liang decided to Internet technology into the financial field of science and technology, and several other technology partners formed from a BAT super team, the subversion of two years has always been committed to the use of technological innovation to achieve financial efficiency. Hu Liang believes that in any combination of Internet plus traditional industries, are the order of reconstruction, so that the overall efficiency becomes higher. In the financial field of science and technology, enhance the technology for financial efficiency is mainly reflected in the following three aspects: the first is the efficiency for customers: for passenger, you have no choice of money invested heavily in advertising and common industry by high subsidies to passengers, but with the ability of team fine operation, and guide through long-term follow-up data model for online delivery. Therefore, money Niuniu independent research and development called "Aeolus" pure online was off track model, two years marketing costs as low as 9%, was off the cost is far lower than the industry average. The second is the efficiency of the flow of money Niuniu technical team begins to build the infrastructure in two years ago, more than and 10 collaborative work background system, to provide complete data support for the product, operation and risk control etc.. Also because of the technical strength and perfect the construction of strong team bottom, in the docking bank depository system, the money you took only 2 months to complete the system design, development, testing and on-line, users as the most efficient platform. The third is the efficiency of risk control in the traditional financial system, risk control is dependent on people’s subjective will, so there is low efficiency and complicated approval process and other defects, the money credit label based on the Taurus crowd, portrait and classification of people, the mathematical model of pure rational use in the electronic control system of the wind in the development of new]相关的主题文章: