Deep Tibet B plan of state-owned real estate Vanke marriage five golden flowers who won the head of 魔界骑士イングリッド

Deep Tibet B plan of state-owned real estate Vanke marriage "five golden flowers" who won the head Vanke equity dispute for a long time is not the ripples, however, did not pass the "groom" Shenzhen subway has to break the silence, expressed willingness to backdoor listing. The day before, said Shenzhen Metro Group Chairman Lin Maode at the national development and Reform Commission organized city rail transit financing mechanism innovation seminar, ready for deep second-hand shares of China Vanke fails, MTR will mature after the acquisition of state-owned assets in listed shell company to achieve backdoor listing. At present, the state-owned holding Shenzhen A real estate company shares are 5: Shenzhen Investment Holdings and shenshenfang controlled deep property, Shum Yip Group Holdings Shahe shares, Shenzhen SASAC directly holding shenzhenye and Shenzhen Tonge group. Who is the deep "plan B" backdoor targets? Tonge: accompanied by "the emotion of the dark? Because the market is small, dispersed ownership, Shenzhen’s state-owned real estate listed companies frequently by private capital hunting. In the past few years, deep earth, Guoshang, Shen Hongji, the Great Wall and other deep original state-owned housing prices to become a listed platform renamed easy name is in the hands of private capital. Today, the Shenzhen municipal SASAC directly under the only housing prices listed Tonge and two shenzhenye. Coincidentally, the two companies have also treasure hunting target. Yuanguluzhai, a few years ago, Boland has repeatedly in the secondary market to buy two shenzhenye, for holding shenzhenye, Shenzhen SASAC and concerted action Holdings quickly. After several holdings, the actual proportion of Shenzhen SASAC has reached 34.28%, was able to fight back treasure. Since then, Po can also through Qianhai life holds a 4.82% stake in the group of tonge. But the Shenzhen municipal SASAC quickly countered, launched a refinancing plan 2 billion 200 million yuan, after the completion of the issuance of the Shenzhen SASAC actual control stake will rise to 39.51%, will control the Tonge firmly in hand. At the same time, Shenzhen SASAC will also Shenzhen Investment Holdings 100% stake held by the construction of unitoll injection of tonge. At present, the construction of Tianjian group has to re plate integration, revenues from the municipal engineering and construction business, also because of this, and deep Tonge group business more closely. Tonge group semi annual report shows that the first half of this year, the Shenzhen City Metro Line 9 project BT 91029702 tenders in July 21st through the completion of acceptance, the company capacity of subway construction to a new level. In addition, the construction project Tonge hand also holds deep lines of water supply and drainage pipeline diversion and recovery engineering. Although the construction business and deep close relationship, but deep is to emulate the MTR subway operator + superstructure property development model of the Corporation, and the marriage is injected with Vanke Real estate business, Tianjian group in real estate development and deep is the intersection of almost zero, moreover, since the construction of Guangdong into the company, the company’s main business focus on Municipal Engineering and construction business. Shenzhenye: "ex" change mind? If Vanke is deep "bride", so shenzhenye deep can be said to be "ex": before marriage and Vanke, shenzhenye already and deep in hand. Last year相关的主题文章: