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Digging people everywhere, exposing the problems of their own brands? Auto – Sohu in recent one or two years, with the China brand gradually rise, China car prices seems to become a new global auto aggregation areas of talent hungry, many Chinese brand car companies began digging around in the global scope, which last year LETV vehicles in the domestic car prices and poaching of Silicon Valley is certainly impressive, under LETV the car a strong campaign and a competitive salary, those from the forefront of world science and technology professionals believe that this will be their life value to achieve a variety of places. Despite the success rate of music as the repairer is, because the music car is still not a production car market, any conclusion is irresponsible, we want to discuss that, in China car prices began to gradually from the potential of today, the broad strokes of the trend of foreign talent has exposed China brand problems? Broadly speaking, the automobile manufacturing industry is the result of the collaboration, if the automobile industry depends on the self reliant almost is an empty word, China brand in a few decades ago from bitter experience proved this truth, so for the introduction of talent, we must first hold a very tolerant and supportive attitude, after all China brands do not have the ability to completely control the whole industry chain under the condition of related fields more professionals will be the overall R & D, production of automotive products to inject more vitality and imagination, and these positive things and China brand problems are not contradictory. So the most direct point of view, obviously Chinese automobile industry talent shortage is obviously, especially high-tech talent is extremely scarce, we took part in many China brand new conference, when the speech of the leader, the vast majority are Chinese (in addition to Geely and Volvo), but to the whole vehicle design, the interpretation of technical content, foreigners from time to time there will be on the stage. We have to think carefully about this problem, after all, China automobile industry started late, basically at a standstill in thirty or forty years after the founding of the PRC, no car industry production, where professional and modern car personnel, and to the Chinese brands gradually from the potential when our local technical personnel began to take hold, but in general, technology, experience is little, after all, the car is also a need to experience and experience to design and debug things, create a car is not difficult to build a standard, the car did not flawed it is not an easy thing, it is until today. Many China brand products to people very cheap, no sense of feeling, and these people is not hard enough, but in the subdivision technology with no professional people. In the face of Volvo, Geely at least in my eyes is a specially made car brands, pride, Youliou, free ship, the car is almost totally on Li Shufu’s "four wheels and two sofa" concept cars, the advantages of several cars almost nothing of what to say, but also devoted the Geely brand all the hard work, but the reserve of talents and technology reserves too weak. With the development of Geely, the growth of more skilled personnel and the introduction of talent, so that Geely can be a R相关的主题文章: