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Divorce when Taobao shop Zha points? Lawyers have strokes – the National Lawyer consulting day activities hot. The picture shows the members of the big river lawyers obligation to solve legal problems for the public. Reporter He Xiaotian – Liu Yaowen figure | core tip a year ago, the United Group of public spirited lawyers "river lawyers, the obligation to help the public to solve legal problems. For the August 26th "National Lawyer", Dahe 25 days and then invite "river lawyers" members, from Henan Hui Yuan law firm lawyers, free on-site faq. If you are a lawyer or a public firm responsible person, willing to become a member of "river lawyers", you are welcome to call the newspaper hotline 96211 registration. [marriage property] divorce, the virtual property of the network? Operating a Taobao store, "Wang Xiao Wu and legal questions 80 after marriage business is booming, but a few years later, the two fight almost every day, feeling more and more light, and have to divorce. But now the problem is that during the marriage, the two men jointly operate the Taobao store is a network of virtual property, how to split? Answer – lawyer Sun Lifang lawyers believe that the "legal terminology of network virtual property" is not professional, although the network virtual property has no special legislation, but the protection or according to law. First of all, the network virtual property is protected by law; secondly, it can also be inherited as an inheritance; finally, if both husband and wife jointly owned property can be divided according to law. The two sides can negotiate the price of virtual property, if the negotiation fails, you can find the third party assessment agencies assess the value or not, if it will only result in litigation, bidding under the auspices of the judges, the virtual property prices out of a party of all, and the corresponding compensation to the other party. After all, the registration is the real name system, taking into account the day after the easy to use, or to register all the best account." About the house to his ex-wife and son, back – legal questions yesterday morning, consultation, there are many people who have suffered from marital problems. Among them, a citizen surnamed Wang to lawyer Chen Yichen spit grievances: at the beginning of 2000, Mr. Wang and his wife married and give birth to a son, a few years after the two sides due to discord, divorce mediation by law. When divorce has a set of housing for the common property, which is not split, but through the agreement, the ownership of the house in Mr. Wang to pay off the loan, both belong to the son. Not long after, Mr. Wang’s ex-wife, the housing loan has not been repaid, the housing property is not the actual gift of their son, are both common property, so she is not going to the house of their own part of the gift, gift behavior for rescission of the division of the housing by the court according to law. "We will have a divorce, housing agreement given son, but also because she agreed to, and I agree to increase my obligations other divorce in terms of the agreement, but the divorce itself caused great harm to children, out of consideration for the minors, I can not promise her litigation request, now what should I do?" Wang xian.相关的主题文章: