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Do gastroscope mirror 3 failed patients inserted throat injury hospital refused compensation – Beijing – reporter Fu Linzhu intern reporter Huang Ting "I go to the hospital for gastroscopy, the doctor inserted 3 times to my stomach tube without success, my throat hurts, the hospital should not refund nor compensation." In October 30th, Haikou resident Mr. Wang to the newspaper, he did gastroscopy to Hainan Xinglin hospital on the same day, due to the 3 inserted mirror is not successful, the throat spit blood, find a hospital and claim refund but was refused. Yesterday, the office staff of Hainan Xinglin anorectal Hospital Mr. Chen said, the hospital there is no fault, refused to compensate. Yesterday morning, Mr. Wang told reporters, the morning of October 30th he came to Hainan Xinglin anorectal Hospital for gastroscopy, unexpectedly, the doctor inserted into his stomach for 3 tube without success. "The tube is inserted in the throat, really very uncomfortable, I disgusting vomit, I saw the paper towel has 4 blood streaks." Mr. Wang said, because it was felt that throat, so he gave up again inserted mirror, he asked the hospital to refund and compensation. I spent 358 dollars in the hospital, I did not expect the hospital agreed to refund me only $110, but also refused to compensate." Mr. Wang said. It is understood that October 30th morning Mr. Wang gastroscopy is a doctor surnamed Wang Hainan Xinglin anorectal hospital. Dr. Wang said, when Mr. Wang was not successful 3 times, mainly due to his inconsistent with the patient. Dr. Wang introduced, when doing endoscopic examination of the lens, the patient needs to cooperate with the doctor to do a swallow action, when the patient will swallow into the tube. However, the same day, he did not cooperate well with the patient, swallow and insert the mirror is not synchronized, so did not succeed. Wang said at the same time, gastroscopy is a invasive examination, is to allow trauma. For Mr. Wang called the hematemesis issue, Dr. Wang explained, when inserted into the oral endoscopy, gastroscopy and oral mucosal friction, may lead to mucosal mucosal abrasions, bleeding, and no vascular hemorrhage, this is a normal phenomenon. Dr. Wang said that he has been engaged in gastroscopy work for more than 30 years. The office staff of Hainan Xinglin anorectal Hospital Mr. Chen said, reporters yesterday morning to the hospital before the interview, the hospital has decided to return 358 yuan for medical expenses to Mr. Wang, Mr. Wang initially agreed, but later regret. Mr. Wang told reporters that he asked the hospital to return 358 yuan for medical expenses, and compensation for 500 yuan. Chen said that the hospital can only refund 358 yuan medical expenses, while requiring Mr. Wang signed an agreement, no longer entangled hospital. Mr. Chen said, as for compensation, the hospital can not accept, on the one hand, Mr. Wang’s condition is normal, no fault of the hospital; in addition, according to the relevant provisions of the State Department of health, medical disputes need to do similar identification, according to the results of the identification process, the hospital can not xianhengpeifu. If Mr. Wang felt the hospital to cause harm to his body, you can find a professional department identification, the hospital will be based on the results of the objective assessment of treatment. After coordination, Mr. Wang is still unable to accept the decision to withdraw only 358 yuan hospital medical expenses, he said that the rights will be protected by other means.相关的主题文章: