Dou Jingtong first sang on the horse is not short

Dou Jingtong first golden horse sing a little ignorant about the finalists Lin Yiyun Wen? Sina entertainment news fifty-third Golden Horse Awards will launch in November 26th four, the singer nominated best original film song ", for the first time in the ceremony, Dou Jingtong will be singing for the film show clear ethereal" in July she "and the creation of Dou Jingtong that golden horse, said:" the man is a bit stupid, very happy." The ceremony is about to come, Dou Jingtong with the usual view of the performance: "in fact, before the mentality of the festival or other performances are the same, that is, to maintain a calm state of mind, sing well." Won the Golden Horse Award seven nominated film "in July and she" to describe the two girls from the age of 13, after integration, finally get the fetters fate arrange their story, this is for the first time since she entered the music scene, the movie creation and singing the theme song "style, lively, with clear ethereal with her the singing, the lyrics and delicate sadness, a girl growing beauty and sadness, Dou Jingtong said:" since the movie theme song, I hope the combination of images and music, can bring a deeper impression. Pictures and music should have a foil effect, make it more touching." For other singers and songs also nominated, she praised Lala Hsu [micro-blog] singing "Jiu Xi wind": "I think" big fish "Begonia song especially beautiful!" Famous Malaysia singer Ji Xiaowei, the movie "OlaBola" director Zhou Qingyuan invited, cross knife creation and singing the theme song "Arena Cahaya" for the first time, the Golden Horse vocals feel very honored and very happy and the team to participate in the event, she told the other finalists works to surprise her anticipation: "this is my third time to Taiwan, Taiwan is a warm place, I can’t wait to see in the golden horse, each outstanding filmmakers at the ceremony." "The Chinatown" theme song "Sherlock Savoy", "the orchestra is composed of Deckard nanzhengbeizhan" original and singing style, joy and lively, vibrant, and the same Movie Comic tone, when they learned that the finalists quite excited, feel hard: "swept away did not think this song can get high recognition, we had created arguing that good news, bad mood suddenly disappeared, in exchange for more common struggle picture." They are happy, and the golden horse show intense preparations: "we especially mix accompaniment and dance choreography, hope to present lively and extraordinary visual feast." "As long as I grow up" by director Chen Jieyao and singer Legna Lian, guitarist Paul, handwritten word composition, Lin Lin meaning vocals, meaning deeply surprise and thanks to the finalists, she will perform with Bao Bu together: "as long as I grow up" story structure, based on self created Atayal parents and aunt Yuen after-school class actress Xun’s role is like an angel aunt aunt Wu Ba bud good, my aunt sang on behalf of the 20 year old voice, hope this film can move and more people warm." The fifty-third annual Golden Horse Awards ceremony will be held in Taipei city. (Sina entertainment Taiwan station   Lin Yiyunwen) (commissioning editor: YY)相关的主题文章: