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Dr.White cosmetics such as mercury can lead to disfigurement of mercury exceed the standard seriously exceed the standard of nearly 20 thousand times! 21 batches of cosmetics on the "black list" consumer alert recently, Guangdong food and Drug Administration in 2016 third issued a notice of substandard cosmetics, a total of 21 batches of cosmetics for illegal add banned substances list, involving 16 companies, including consumers are familiar with the white jade, Sakura, rhyming, the freckle whitening cosmetics mercury to exceed the standard the hardest hit. Dr.White cosmetics mercury exceed the standard serious can lead to disfigurement whitening class into the hardest hit a reporter from the Guangzhou food and Drug Administration released a list to see, substandard cosmetics origin in Guangdong Province, they are Guangzhou yalansi cosmetic Co. Ltd., Guangzhou Beauty Cosmetics Co., Ltd. from Guangzhou Bai Cosmetics Co.,. Guangzhou Fengyun Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Baiyun District of Guangzhou City Aodi cosmetics factory, Baiyun District of Guangzhou City, Arden cosmetics factory lonfu Industrial Co. Ltd., Shenzhen Lihua Cosmetics Co. Ltd., Shenzhen City, Zhuhai Doumen Kangli Industrial Co. Ltd. the Cosmetics Co. ltd.. Most of the enterprises failed batches of checks for Harbin Ge Lidai Jiabao Cosmetics Co., Ltd., its three products in 10 days of new Jiaoli rejuvenation freckle whitening cream, powerful new Jiaoli 10 day strong whitening rejuvenation cream, conduct special whitening Wang was found to exceed the standard mercury content. This is also a small amount of foreign companies on the list, including Hongkong Huamei cosmetic (International) Co. Ltd., (Taiwan) Luodi cosmetics Limited company, and in the Asia Pacific region has numerous, Bai Zhi Qiao Mei, Zi Jiao, Lan Xishi, was only the flagship brand in Europe and Fu Beixue Yongai the cosmetics International Group limited. Nanfang Daily reporter found in the product category, 21 batches of substandard products, whitening freckle become the hardest hit, such as rhyming 20 days, some have acne speckle liquid herbal essence, jade net Sakura snow Yan series white red acne cream, cream, Liaofutang seven days freckle increase frost etc.. According to insiders, whitening cosmetics is the functional demands of the core of Oriental women, skin whitening cosmetics (mainly whitening skincare) accounted for a larger market share China cosmetics market, and the proportion has steadily improved, according to the Baidu Inc released "2015 wireless Baidu cosmetics report" shows, an increase of 37% of the cosmetics category search share, skin care accounted for 66.4%, 30.9% and other cosmetics, perfume is less than 3%, the efficacy of skin options, 67% Chinese women pay attention to. As early as in 2014, China’s anti acne skin care industry market size has exceeded 28 billion yuan. It is worth noting that, due to the use of more times, many consumers freckle whitening products that are ordinary cosmetics, actually these two kinds of cosmetics and hair, Hair Coloring, perm, hair removal, breasts, bodybuilding, deodorant and other cosmetics, which belongs to the special purpose cosmetics, cosmetics for special purposes must be approved by the Ministry of health and to obtain the relevant licenses can be put into production and sales, and special purpose cosmetics packaging on qualified marked "Wei makeup special word" number, when consumers buy Ying相关的主题文章: