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Drops of new initiatives: the taxi driver grab one will be smart to send a single drops of new initiatives: the taxi driver grab one will be smart to send a single to reduce Kongshi in August 31st, announced nearly fifty drops of travel, taxi companies with more than ten deep North of Guangzhou Hangzhou City reached a strategic cooperation, will join to send a single, traffic integration in intelligent aspects to explore, in order to improve the operational efficiency and revenue drivers, enhance passenger travel experience. Today, Didi announced a new development of the taxi network about the integration of the car. Travel by Vice President, by Policy Research Institute president Zhang Bei pointed out that things are from technology integration, service integration, traffic integration of the three aspects of exploration, trying to take advantage, network system about car management mode and application of mature technology experience, gradually merged into the car rental system. Didi said, reached a strategic cooperation nearly fifty taxi companies in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Sanya, Nanjing, more than ten city, the taxi companies are expected to introduce Internet technology, computer drops unique algorithm, big data platform and operation management. It is reported that drops in the original "grab single mode" will be the taxi company to launch the "intelligence", the system will consider the distance, congestion, supply and demand, the driver service evaluation and other factors, will automatically match the order directed to a passenger the most appropriate taxi driver. It is reported that, in terms of traffic integration, the current platform has been able to get through the taxi network about car orders and back up the system, allowing taxi drivers to undertake a taxi on the basis of the order to undertake the network about the car. It is worth noting that the "intelligent single faction" will open to cooperation with drops taxi business priorities, not included in other drivers for enterprise cooperation, Didi is also active in the development of new products, the driver will make full use of data service platform accumulation, intelligent service level so as to distinguish the driver, the driver into the "high quality intelligent dispatch" mode. Test data show that, compared to grab a single mode, smart single mode, the taxi driver to participate in the test of the highest hourly wage increase of 50%, the maximum reduction of air travel rate of up to 36%. After the flow of integration, the average water taxi drivers to participate in the test increased by 14%, the average air travel rate decreased by 18%. This also means that these two fusion initiatives are effectively reducing the driver’s empty driving, allowing the driver to further improve operational efficiency and income. Since the advantages and Chinese step complete cooperation, always drops moves constantly, first began to adjust pricing mode, implement the driver and passengers from a single 20% valuation, cancel the driver side charge pumping, every single fee of $0.5, plus a 1.77% management fee. Then the Chinese post injection strategy, insiders predicted that drops to further expand the direction, is likely to express and crowdsourcing logistics field. Followed by a high-profile announcement to enter the field of car rental, car rental business has been started in July in Shanghai test operations, the first full online service and free home delivery mode. Today, the number of trips to the chairman and CEO Cheng Wei also said that on相关的主题文章: