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Business Although manufacturing finest products and providing world-class services at .petitive rates are very crucial, these are not sufficient enough for SMEs to sustain their client base. es, whether small, medium or large, need to build strong relationships in order to stay in the market for long and enhance their overall brand value. Reaching out to customers and earning their goodwill will enable small businesses to achieve the desired success. Strategies to build client relationships Building a successful business requires forging stronger and closer links with existing customers as well as winning potential clients through sincere and concerted relationship building efforts. However, not too many firms are successful in winning the loyalties of their priced customers. Small businesses need to invest adequate time, energy and resources to retain their old clients, while also adding new ones. But most of them lack the strategy to build successful as well as long and mutually beneficial relationship with potential customers. Establishing regular contact with clients through wide range of networking tools as well as offering efficient customer service will help SMEs to cater to the interest of their customers, said Sandeep Maheshwari, marketing head and customer relationship manager of Golddrop, a small-sized edible oil supplier in Sangli, Maharashtra. To gain an edge in the .petitive market, it is important for SMEs to go beyond the rules of the corporate book and set strategies to establish a successful rapport with clients. Off-the-shelf marketing tools and innovative ideas to interact with clients will also go a long way in helping SMEs to build fruitful relationships with top-level customers or clients, said Sanjeev Malhotra, senior customer executive with Scores, a small-sized IT solutions provider in Kolkata. Cementing strong customer relationship helps businesses to understand client requirements in a better way and meet the challenges in order to stay ahead in the rat race. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: