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Travel-and-Leisure Important Things to Know For Your Puerto Rico Vacations If you are planning to visit the paradise island of Puerto Rico, then you must gather some important facts and information particularly those related to visiting the island. First, English is widely spoken throughout the islands which make this place very convenient for those English speaking visitors. If you are from the United States, you are lucky enough that the US dollar is used in the country saving you from exchanging your currency to a local one. Likewise, as a US territory, citizens of the United States dont have to apply for a visa or use their passport when visiting Puerto Rico. For climate, Puerto Rico has a tropical climate like the rest of the Caribbean but there are some months in which the island is threatened with hurricanes. On the other hand, the quickest way to get to the island is flying directly to its international airport which is just a few miles from San Juan. It is very close to many US cities like Miami which is only 2. 5 hours away by plane. Lastly, transportations within the islands include taxis, rental cars, buses, public vans, bicycles and ferries for inter-island excursions. Inexpensive Vacations to Puerto Rico Puerto Rico known as The Island of Enchantment is one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean specifically among American tourists. Many tourists like the Americans prefer to spend a nice getaway in Puerto Rico due to its close proximity to the US, rates are cheaper and not to mention the lovely beaches and perfect weather. Much more, it is very possible to achieve cheap Puerto Rico vacations with various deals and discounts offered by travel agencies and tour operators. The easiest and fastest way is to get these travel deals is online where there are hundreds of offers for cheaper hotels, airfare, car rentals and other holiday coupons. Others would choose to book their holiday in Puerto Rico during off-peak season to take advantage of the lower rates among airfare and hotels during this time. Lastly, getting vacation packages for Puerto Rico is the surest way to enjoy cheap vacations in this wonderful island. Hence, you dont have to spend a fortune to experience the lovely beaches, historical sites and other fun-filled activities in Puerto Rico. Tying the Knot in Puerto Rico If you are planning to get married, you must consider having a beach wedding to make your special day very romantic and unique. And you dont have to look further to find the perfect wedding destination since you can experience the most romantic wedding in the Caribbean specifically in the enchanted island of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico vacations are now famous not just for beach, spa or golf holidays but as a popular wedding destination in the Caribbean. Puerto Rico has all the elements of a perfect wedding starting with its pristine beaches where couples can choose to exchange their vows and nice villas and hotels for their guests to be ac.modated. Looking for the best wedding package is also easy since there are many resorts that offer these packages as well as those found in the internet. Through these packages, couples will have a stress-free wedding planning and preparation and their wedding is guaranteed the most perfect that they could have ever imagined. Spend Your Family Vacation in Puerto Rico Are you planning to leave town and spend some quality time with your kids?If so, consider spending Puerto Rico vacations for your whole family. Puerto Rico is very attractive to families as this island has the best beaches, sunny weather and plenty of interesting landmarks and sights. Puerto Rico vacations can surely suit every familys preferences from activities to ac.modation choices that will delight those with younger or older children. Aside from the beach, there are water parks in the island while many resorts have pools for different ages for the whole family to enjoy the water and the sun in Puerto Rico. Most hotels and ac.modations in Puerto Rico are kid-friendly and offer services specifically for those with kids like playpen or treasure hunting activities. Activities like snorkeling, sightseeing, fishing and hiking are great and fun for older kids to enjoy their time in Puerto Rico. Hence, this island has everything for families to have the most memorable vacation of their lives. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: