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Fashion-Style Mens hoodies are an integral part of mainstream fashion with leading fashion brands creating stylish designs for this versatile article of clothing. Ed Hardy mens hoodies are stylish, trendy and useful with both form and function. These trendy mens hoodies feature the tattoo clothing style unique to Ed Hardy. Ed Hardy mens hoodies are specially designed for men, with masculine graphics and colors and are distinct from hoodies for kids and women, which are also available at Ed Hardy. As with all Ed Hardy tattoo clothing and graphic tees, additional design elements are added to mens hoodies for a uniquely stylish look. The use of flocking, studded details, design embroidery, tonal crystal detailing, enzyme or mineral washes and various types of lining including plaid, tonal stripe jersey and contrast linings all give Ed Hardy mens hoodies an extra touch of detail and stylishness. Mens hoodies are also available with more functional style features such as thermal linings to provide added warmth. Vintage styles are very trendy this season, and Ed Hardy offers mens hoodies with distressed fabrics, distressed prints and vintage washes for hooded sweatshirts with a trendy vintage look. New vintage hoodies include the Hardy Life Eagle Vintage Hoodie and the Small Skull Vintage Hoodie that feature vintage washes, distressed print and distressed flocking for the complete vintage look. Comfortable to wear and fashionable, Ed Hardy mens hoodies are great for every occasion. Whether relaxing with friends at home or going out for a night of fun, Ed Hardy mens hoodies are an excellent style choice. Tattoo graphics are applied using screen print and discharge print as well as other applications including appliqu that allow for dynamic looks for the mens hoodies from Ed Hardy. Christian Audigier, together with Ed Hardy CEO Hubert Guez continues to expand and evolve style and functionality of mens hoodies. Ed Hardy hoodies are comfortable to wear and available in a wide variety of colors and designs. Ed Hardy hoodies for men, women and kids are available in a wide selection of bold and vibrant designs, as well as simple and understated designs to ensure that there is a hooded sweatshirt just right for every preference. Find the latest Ed Hardy mens hoodies, as well as hoodies for women and kids at the only Ed Hardy official online store, Edhardyshop.com. Edhardyshop.com carries the complete range of guaranteed authentic tattoo clothing and accessories. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: