[eleven] the best winter warming cold dishes Lamb casserole pot – Sohu to eat carrots 66814

[eleven] the best winter warming cold dishes: Lamb casserole pot to eat carrots – Sohu after eleven, the dew solar term coming, with a cold air invasion, the temperature suddenly dropped ten degrees, let people feel the autumn cold. When cold, we in addition to properly add clothing, but also in real time to eat some can enhance the resistance to cold food, let the body instantly increase cold energy. Today to introduce to you is this: cold delicacy with a thick warm casserole pot chops carrots. Mutton is the preferred food cold, mutton as high protein, low cholesterol food, its sweet, warm, high calorie, beneficial kidney yang, Wen Zhongnuan, Buqihuoxue effect, not only can the tonic warm, and can keep out the cold, the body is also nourishing up good food. Carrot and mutton chop a piece of carrot stew, fully absorb the mutton grease and delicious, not only taste great, but the most conducive to the human body to absorb nutrients. Really can be regarded as the carrot taste and nutrition to the extreme of a dish. Mutton and carrot is good collocation, carrot and cool, can eliminate stagnation, phlegm heat, nourishing food is the winter season. Mutton fill weakness, Qi and blood, long-term consumption can Buzhongyiqi, prevent cold hands and feet, help digestion, cough. Mutton, as is known to all, nutrition is very rich, autumn and winter to eat the most suitable. Or join in today’s food production! Ingredients: Lamb delicacy grams, Huw Rob J, green pepper and onion grams, grams, onion ginger garlic grams seasoning: anise pieces, chili sauce grams, grams, grams of soy sauce, cooking wine, sugar grams, grams, pepper, making delicacy: happiness tips: lamb before flying water can remove blood and taste comparison, chops eat fire, so advance stewed for a while. Green pepper and onion, eat fire lighter, so to add.相关的主题文章: