Email Archiving – The Achilles Heel Of Document And Records Management-ricky lee neely

Software Email has developed into a major .munication channel within every .pany with thousands of them being exchanged every day. As most business critical information is sent over email, it is imperative for .panies to archive all records, whether in paper or electronic form for .pliance purposes. The need for .pliance has been mandatory due to demands made by government and regulatory bodies like the SEC, Sarbanes-Oxley and Basel II, which were primarily driven by instances of email mismanagement. Over the last couple of years more than 90% of disputes have included email as part of the evidence. According to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, public .panies must keep all documents and .munications for seven years following an audit. The penalties for destroying or altering a document can include fines of up to $5 million and imprisonment for up to 20 years. The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure state that businesses that have the potential to be involved in lawsuits must prepare themselves to turn over email .munications, if requested in a court case. .panies who don’t have access to this information may lose lawsuits or incur extra expenses to recover necessary emails. Hence, email is the Achilles heel of document and records management. The best way to protect yourself is through an effective email archiving solution that has be.e a major challenge for .panies. What is Email Archiving? Email archiving is an organized way of capturing, saving and protecting every email that moves through your organizations server so that users can access it later, all the while conserving storage space. Email archiving makes it easy to store and manage large volumes of email at a single time and with search and retrieve tools to locate specific emails within minutes, saving .panies precious time. Email archiving not only ensures that the organization remains .pliant with applicable laws and regulations; it is the best way to meet eDiscovery requirements. Although email archiving projects are frequently managed by the exchange server administrator, the choice of email archiving software must be carefully evaluated before implementing. Benefits of Email Archiving More and more businesses are now using archiving for storage management, to monitor employee .munications and for disaster recovery. Monitoring Employee .munication This is usually used in legal proceedings where e-mail evidence is requested in association with an employees violation of corporate e-mail policies or misuse of business e-mail. Storage Management Archiving data helps eliminate past messages and helps free up space on the email server. Disaster Recovery – Disaster can halt the normal operation of day-to-day business activities. Archiving helps recover the information to the same or to a new server at disk-transfer and LAN speeds. You can recover accidentally deleted or destroyed records that have been archived. Working without an email archiving solution could be dangerous. Email archiving is perfect for .panies who are looking for a solution to protect their mission critical data, reduce server load from emails and preserve data for legal and regulatory .pliance requirements. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: