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Emerging growth stocks valuation of fund managers under the layout of the record in the long-term We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Original title: emerging growth stock valuation pressure fund managers will layout around 3000 points in the long run, this reporter Zhao Mingchao A stock market turmoil has lasted more than ten months, in the near perfect rangebound market, high valuation growth stocks under pressure, emerging growth style fund managers is how to transfer positions convertible? The latest disclosure of the fund three quarterly show, in emerging growth stocks are still suffering in the market, the fund manager is aimed at long-term layout, believe that big data, artificial intelligence, intelligent driving, financial technology is the future direction of development, will get good returns in the future. Careful layout of the three quarter of this year, the market continues to be dominated by a small shock, and the overall performance of the dull, extreme decline in volume performance. From the industry point of view, to benefit from the real estate sector building materials, home appliances, such as better performance, computer, media and other sectors behind. From the layout of the fund manager, the new awkwardness mainly in raw materials, information technology, consumer goods and services industry in three. In the new fund awkwardness in the top 50, consumer goods and services industry stocks up to 16, including the business section of the Chongqing department store, Yu Garden mall, Ginza shares and Su ningyun; raw materials in the field of 8 companies, including Tongling nonferrous, red sun, and billions, Shida Shenghua square large chemical technology; the field information of 7 companies, including the components in the field of BOE A, LAN Si technology and software in the field of soling shares, UF network etc.. In the industry view, the fund’s new shares from the logic point of view, highlighting the cautious mood of fund managers. The raw materials in the field of billions, the main products of titanium dioxide prices continued to rise; the red sun is the main glyphosate, the recent price began to reverse, the investment value began to appear. Is rhyme express backdoor and Xinhai shares last year completed backdoor Focus Media, is that there is opportunity revaluation mechanism. From the view of the distribution of the end of the three quarter of the fund’s holdings in the industry, in the ups and downs of the market, many funds are still heavily loaded in emerging industries. The new power industry the main holders of new energy, Bo Automation, information technology, high-end equipment, new materials and other industries; icbccs information industry configuration in information industry, military industry, Internet and consumer oriented industries; icbccs innovation main configuration of media, Internet, electronic components, software, new energy vehicles and other high-tech industries and sectors; wells the technology industry configuration of new energy vehicles, consumer electronics, military information technology sector based BAOYING; new value positions are focused on environmental protection, TMT, medicine, military, sports, new energy vehicles, the pan entertainment industry. Aimed at long-term preference stocks in emerging growth style fund manager seems to last up to 10 months in the market shocks, although emerging growth stocks under pressure, but in the absence of the trend of the market situation, opportunities mainly distributed in the reform and the transformation of the growth, especially the generation of相关的主题文章: