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UnCategorized What is innovation? How can .panies encourage innovation in order to increase productivity? When most people hear the word innovation, they think of gadgets like the iphone or smart cars. If employees were encouraged to be innovative, what could they produce? A study from the Boston Consulting Group confirms that 92 percent of Chinese firms consider innovation to be a top priority. However, only 61 percent of U.S. firms say that innovation is a top priority. Other studies reveal that Americans are worried about their ability to stay ahead of the innovation curve. What does this mean for businesses? Unfortunately, American’s fears may be a reality because of the fear most organizations have of the concept of innovation. Organizations need to realize that when employees are free to make new suggestions and openly discuss ideas, positive change is more likely to occur. Change is scary for most business owners, but without it, businesses will be stuck in a previous era while the rest of the world advances. For instance, doctor’s offices used to keep their patient files as hard copies. Everything was either typed or handwritten and saved in filing cabinets. Over time, innovation and technological advancements enabled health care providers to store the files digitally, as well as a hard copy. Some doctors have embraced this method, while others refuse to adopt new methods of information management. What can innovation provide for businesses? More productivity, new and improved business practices, improved employee morale and more revenue. When innovation finds its way into a business, the opportunities for increased productivity are endless. Employees will feel the ability to discuss their ideas for improvements and changes freely, which will then enable the ideas to develop into something truly innovative. This free-flow of data and ideas encourages employees to find ways to make their existing jobs more efficient and effective. When the business is running like a well-oiled machine, productivity will soon follow. Improved business practices may offend some business leaders, but they need to remember that productivity trumps pride. Allowing employees to generate new ideas may eventually lead to a new way to conducting business transactions. This does not mean that the old way business was conducted was wrong, it simply means that with new technology and ideas, business can be better, faster and stronger. Encouraging innovation amongst employees will boost morale. When employees feel like they are being heard, and that .munication channels are open, they are more likely to stay positive about their jobs. Innovation is a way for employees to express themselves and their ideas without going over the top, or breaking concentration away from the organization. In organizations where the executives are the only ones calling the shots, employee morale is probably low and turnover is high. When employees feel encouraged and acknowledged, they will remain in their positions longer, and produce more to prove that they really are as valuable as they feel. Only one .pany could have created the iPhone or iPad, but that doesn’t mean that other .panies have to lose sight of the benefits of innovation. There is no quantifier to determine what innovation is, or what makes it meaningful. Even small ideas that could improve existing practices are innovative and can make a big difference over time. Encourage your employees to be innovative. Create clear and open .munication practices between executives, managers and employees to unify the organization. Innovation can .e in any number of shapes and sizes, the key is to ensure that it is allowed, encouraged and accepted. The most innovative ideas started as something small, but with encouragement and additional input, they became meaningful ideas that changed the course of history. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: