Experts found ancient Greek letters on ancient

Experts found in ancient ceramics on the ancient Greek alphabet chart for Wen Changqing to show with the Greek alphabet Yue Qing porcelain class. (Photo by Nan Hua) reporter (reporter Nan Hua) nearly seventy years Zhejiang neutral ancient ceramics museum curator Wen Changqing found 23 kinds of ancient Greek letters linear carved symbols in a number of ancient ceramics, these symbols in the word structure and shape and has used the Greek alphabet strikingly similar. This is the Cixi municipal government recently held the first China pre Qin ceramic letters Symposium revealed the news.         according to Wen Changqing in 2014 as a member of "China ceramic Master League" in Greece was invited to conduct academic exchanges, he accidentally discovered the Greek alphabet and his collection of ancient pottery and porcelain of the carved symbols are very similar, from Greece back to the one printed with 24 Greek letters t-shirt. After returning home he found carefully controlled, both are similar in structure and character glyph. In 2015 he invited the Greek Consul General in Shanghai, Dr. Karl Pellis came to Cixi for appreciation. Carle Peiris see, amazing China 3000 years ago the ancient Yue Qing porcelain was engraved like the ancient Greek alphabet symbols, think it is worth the attention of Chinese scholars. Wen Changqing has long been committed to the collection and study of ancient Chinese porcelain kiln mouth, now has more than 360 pieces of ancient Greek pottery (block). He told reporters, after repeated comparison, find historical objects, he believed that "the preliminary study is likely to be the ancient Yue ancestors carved symbols earlier than the West invented the physical evidence of letters." In this regard, Zhejiang researcher, Institute of archaeology researcher Du Zhengxian, Zheng Jianming, China archaeologists think that the smell of Changqing originally by Archaeology and Museology not much attention symbols on the original porcelain of great significance, but his academic views and conclusions for further research, research. At present, the group of experts on-site inspection, the smell of Changqing found ancient pottery porcelain carved symbols, there are 24 letters in 23 similar Greek uses (no similar Greek letter Omega, sound "Omega" carved symbols). Source: Ningbo daily相关的主题文章: