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[exploration] seven dragon toot delicacy features three drag one, all points do not pick a Sohu in Chongqing and whether you are 80 or 80 years you spend here, referred to "the three one", absolutely not unfamiliar, it is a feeling of old Chongqing eat Hot pot, that is meat: one yuan, a vegetable dish yuan; believe that every contemporary chowhound heart has belongs to own a home: three drag a Hot pot. Time flies, until twenty-first Century, anyone could find "old feelings", a "new era of the three one", today went into the shop this is full of feelings of childhood and old Hot pot shop. Still as usual from the delicacy opened into the shop: the journey to this store, will point the cuisine is definitely "Taitaile" "Taitaile" is the old dragon seven Hot pot "signature dishes", also known as "Qi Sambo" composed of rabbit waist, chicken kidney, bullwhip sambo. Such a strong "illness" husband eat happy evening, Mrs. zeneng not happy? Bovine liver: can not miss the fresh bovine liver, egg and collocation perfect, only tens of seconds, rinse, collocation. Very different from many stores: Hot pot stewed pork, long Qi Fei Chang see from the color can not boil out of the traditional route, Hot pot of natural colors, especially soft waxy Q. Mao Du: whether it is childhood, or the modern hot pot will be the point track. Is not fresh enough, is not enough fresh in the pot rinse will understand. Duck: eat Hot pot in Chongqing, which is a necessary point of Chongqing cuisine, also known as the "below", the duck, the cleaning work is absolutely perfect, can eat at ease. Saute of Beef with Hot Pepper: heavy export with the gospel, the beef with pepper has been preserved, leaving the pot to taste the beef, still not affected, still tender and spicy and delicious. Duck stalks: slightly stewed duck a stem, in addition to the entrance Hot pot of spicy, sweet sauce is also have a distinctive flavour. Gizzard flowers: cooked, whether it is oily or dry oil dish dish is full of flavor, especially recommended with dry oil dish. Luncheon meat is absolutely authentic: the Merlin brand, when love is the most Hot pot to eat, now is still warm as ever. As they hit the door of the slogan: "seven? Features three drag one, all eat not to pick"! Price: three yuan and one yuan dishes or quite a lot, the basic order can be unscrupulous. The cold of winter, in the hot pot around the Dragon seven Hot pot. Heart: "a half meters hidden world pot Qiankun" feelings arise spontaneously. From the price above the feelings, the environment is also a story. The retro graffiti wind, the China traditional elements into the traditional and old fire on the store, not content???. Chinese traditional: Spicy God, Ma God, etc……. Among them, the Hot pot awfully hot. 7 in the evening to have a shop, this line is not easy to turn on me. This is a community store, store location environment is also quite atmosphere. Finally, with the menu prices at a glance. Food landmark: Shi Yang Road, No. 266, spring and Lake Commercial Plaza, building 2 food hotline: 6相关的主题文章: