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Korean coach or player from super exposure Seoul defense hot physical – sports media blame finalists Sohu screenshot   Beijing on September 24th news, 2018 Russia World Cup Asian zone 12 finals the first two matches, the South Korean team 1 wins and 1 draws so that the outside world is unsatisfactory, so coach Stielike suffered a crisis of confidence in the most serious since taking office. According to South Korean media reports, in order to lead out, will face third, Styria lick from the four game called Jeonbuk Hyundai Li Zaicheng and several other K league players, at the same time, he is likely to comply with public opinion, not super effective in Korean players. Korean media said, will be officially announced the new Styria lick from national team members on the morning of the 26 day. The South Korean team against Qatar’s home court in October 6th — the Suwon World Cup Stadium, after the 11 day expedition abroad and "natural enemy" Iran team in fourth games. The first China team, almost opponents counter attack is successful, the final 3-2 wins narrowly, then away draw with Syria, with 1 wins and 1 draws in Uzbekistan only ranked third in A group. The report pointed out that in the third and four games, must be led from the current plight of Styria lick from, the ranking rose to a coil (two). In the first two games, for the players to have a full opportunity to consider, Stielike did not fill the prescribed number of 23 registered players (20), and from the domestic K league players only 3 people. But China war, South Korea after the defense team exposed a big problem; in the second Tottenham Sun Xingmin left after the match with Syria, South Korea has been sealed the embarrassment, also criticized attack ability is insufficient. Too much to the super reuse as a representative, in the overseas league players, while ignoring a number of K League K tactical state outstanding player, become the biggest complaints of Styria lick from outside. Therefore, he will be in the third, four games before a substantial adjustment. How to adjust the defensive line to become the primary problem. Before the two war, the lack of full-time candidates right back Stielike could compromise: let J League Osaka steel Pakistan Wu Jae Suk and Guangzhou R & F Zhang Xianxiu respectively as the left guard, but the effect is not good. This is likely to include Styria lick from Guo Taihui, more than Seoul FC defender: "Zhang Xianxiu, jinyingquan etc. in the super football defender may be waived." The Seoul striker, Puzhu Yong the highest voice. He has 9 goals and 1 assists in the K league. In addition, Jeonbuk Hyundai Li Zaicheng and Samsung Bluewings right Changxun etc. midfielder is likely to be back to the national team. He is a versatile midfielder, he is known for his excellent running ability in the field, the average running distance of 13000 meters. Recently in the K League and AFC Champions League, Li Zaicheng has good performance. (Mai Yuan)相关的主题文章: