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Face the risk of overseas M & a analytical effective investment opportunities sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always let you falls in October 13, 2016 you, Jardine insurance brokers limited to KPMG accounting firm, ICBC and Kindu law firms and other relevant institutions in Beijing jointly organized a "crack overseas investment – overseas mergers and acquisitions and risk control" seminar. The meeting aims to strengthen exchanges, to better serve the Chinese enterprises "going out" strategy, and implement the policy of "The Belt and Road". In recent years, economic globalization has accelerated the pace of global M & A and industrial integration, the economic ties between countries are getting closer and closer. With the expansion of Chinese enterprises bigger and stronger, more and more Chinese enterprises have the capital and ability of transnational operations, Chinese enterprises overseas mergers and acquisitions showed explosive growth. As of June 30th, China’s total outbound mergers and acquisitions in 2016 has more than 135 billion U.S. dollars, compared with $39 billion 860 million in the same period in 2015, an increase of more than 200%. Along with the rising and development of China’s overseas investment, and the amount of cross-border M & A transactions gradually increased, followed by the complexity of foreign investment management is also increasing. How do you understand the legal, financial, tax and financing aspects of M & A? How to grasp the investment opportunities and guard against the risks, so as to achieve the success of overseas M & A transactions? Is a matter of concern for every Chinese enterprise. To solve the above problems, combined with the relevant agencies of Jardine insurance brokers, launched overseas mergers and acquisitions and risk control seminar invitation from enterprises, banks, investment institutions, law firms and consulting services in professional, professional opinions, speak freely. The seminar, welcome by the Jardine insurance brokers Chinese CEO Rong new sir, he hoped that through this research, in-depth analysis and communication for the common concern of "overseas mergers and acquisitions, strengthen risk" institutions cooperation, promote enterprises to prevent and purchase Chinese overseas investment risk, enhance the risk management ability to adapt to the globalization after;, from Kindu law firms and international partner Jonathan Grant and colleagues from Tom Harrison, the KPMG partner of the accounting firm Li Yao, Ms. Li carp and from the industrial and commercial bank, investment bank department project manager Zhou Yufeng, respectively "overseas merger and acquisition related legal issues", "overseas investment financial due diligence and tax planning", "overseas mergers and acquisitions and financing and other aspects of the topic. Distinguished guest speakers with a case experience of its relevant agencies, according to the actual situation of enterprises in cross-border mergers and acquisitions activity, from the beginning of the bids, the legal environment, financial and tax, and financing, as well as overseas mergers and acquisitions risk prevention and insurance arrangements deployed, by combining theory with the case, the simple and vivid practical explanation share. From Jardine insurance advisory group of Asia Pacific Regional Director Seccombe insurance transaction for the acquisition of Mr. William.相关的主题文章: