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Fall and change: Lenovo strategy can swing to firm? – Sohu technology recently, Lenovo has released the 201617 fiscal second quarter earnings, total revenues of $11 billion 231 million, down 8%; group pre tax profit of $168 million, from the specific business point of view, the second quarter, Lenovo in the personal computer and the intelligent equipment business, mobile business and data center services revenue grew to a certain extent decline. At the same time, Lenovo once again announced personnel changes, especially in the mobile business personnel adjustment of most concern, namely, senior vice president of Lenovo Group, the original mobile business group (MBG) Co President Chen Xudong will be responsible for Lenovo global services business, Lenovo MBG business will be responsible for Lenovo senior vice president Qiao Jian. It can be said that over the past year, the performance of the fall and management of change became the focus of the association’s hot words. So what exactly reflects the association of the present and future? From the latest quarterly earnings, as the core of the association of personal computers and smart devices business revenue fell 8%, the industry worried about, is the PC in the global market share is ranked second in the HP approaching. According to IDC’s latest statistics, in the past third quarters, the market share difference between HP and Lenovo is only about 0.1%, which the industry said, Lenovo has lost the risk of losing the global PC championship. But for the knowledge and understanding of PC markets, although only 0.1% of the gap, but to truly realize the transcendence is not easy, after Lenovo HP from the champion down, the two sides are in less than 1% of the market share gap to the final win, because of many uncertain factors. Also some close quarter. Specific to the gap, according to the correlation analysis, the short time HP, DELL and other major take the radical marketing strategy, do not have continuity, more critical is that Lenovo executives in an interview has repeatedly reiterated that its future with global PC 30% market share goal will not change, and this will undoubtedly let us eat a reassurance, namely Lenovo for the core business strategy has not changed. From long ago, apple and Microsoft renewed for PC market competition and that prospects and space PC market still, Lenovo objective market conditions to achieve this goal in the future still have, the key lies in Lenovo’s ability to maintain and continue their innovation in PC industry. In accordance with the practice of the industry, often after the adjustment of major personnel means that the majority of strategic change. Specific to the Lenovo Mobile business executives at Lenovo announced the adjustment of personnel adjustment, at the same time, Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing announced in the earnings conference future lenovo mobile intelligent mobile phone business will retain only the brand Moto products mergers, which means that prior to the development of Moto, ZUK and Lenovo’s own brand products will disappear. Specific to the product strategy adjustment, in view of the Lenovo Mobile (mainly intelligent mobile phone) market share, revenue of about 90% are from overseas, and overseas markets mainly rely on the Moto brand influence and product support, from the overall angle of Lenovo Mobile business.相关的主题文章: