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The doctor continued: the families of children with intimidation has apologized to children with the disease cured – Sohu news October 6, 2016 morning, I found the hospital several media broadcast "families in the doctor-patient communication record signature on the Web: if pneumonia treatment ineffective, resulting in serious consequences, I will take the violence!!!" Situation. The investigation, September 28th at about 5:00, with Tan Moumou due to shortness of breath and groan 18 hours ", from outside the hospital transferred to our hospital in NICU (NICU), diagnosed as neonatal pneumonia, respiratory failure, neonatal anemia". The doctor on duty to explain the disease and inform the families of communication. According to the requirements of parents need to sign in the "record" on the doctor-patient communication. At the same time, the family members wrote, "as a result of pneumonia treatment ineffective, resulting in serious consequences, I will take the means of violence!!!" 8:00 about the doctor on duty during the handover report. 8:30, our security department to the Suzhou Industrial Park, East Lake police station report. Then, the duty doctor and director of Department security department staff together with the families of communication condition, police officers also went to the hospital to understand things through carefully. After the family mood gradually stabilized, and apologized to the doctor on duty, again in the "doctor-patient communication records" signed. The children were actively treated by our hospital, the condition improved, was discharged around 15:00 on October 4th. Parents of children to our hospital doctors and nurses expressed gratitude. Children’s Hospital Affiliated to Suzhou University two, October 6th, 16相关的主题文章: