Female college students to foreigners by soliciting drivers scolded traitor Guide-restorator

Female college students to foreigners by soliciting drivers traitors scold the original title: Xi’an, a female college student to foreigners is the traitor Zhao called soliciting drivers don’t understand, just to foreigners and refers to the road, on the backs of the infamy of the "traitor". In September 26th seven in the morning, ready to return to school at the Shaanxi Vocational and Technical College sophomore girl Xiao Zhao found a foreign brother holding a map, keep passers-by pointing what. When a man came from the side, pull toward a foreign brother printed with the words of the van to go to Jetta freight. Some foreigners are not willing to see, Zhao to want to ask him what he needed help, through communication, Zhao found the original foreign brother to take the airport bus, but do not know how to go. Xiao Zhao told the little brother in English, the airport bus in front of about two hundred or three hundred meters away, toward the front direction straight five or six minutes. When the van driver has little baggage into the car, "said the taxi, go directly to the car, to take advantage of the little brother. Because already know the route, I took out foreign car luggage repeatedly thanked Xiao Zhao in a hurry. Foreign brother left, the driver began to complain of Zhao nosy, and around the side of the driver have accused her of being a traitor". "It is only a few minutes away, to pull people to take the black car, whether or not he is a foreigner, said he would go to help Zhao angrily. Xiao Zhao said, near the train station there is often something happens, many of the black car drivers deliberately looking for foreigners approached, holding someone else’s luggage put people into the car, many are not familiar with the terrain of outsiders often cheated, only a few minutes to around a circle. For Xiao Zhao’s behavior, her classmates are both praised and worried, on the one hand, Xiao Zhao’s sense of justice expressed support, on the other hand, also for the personal safety of Zhao zhao.相关的主题文章: