Feng Xiaogang again appeared to help out Pingdao CAC and ferromagnetic love-foldercure

Feng Xiaogang again appeared to help out Pingdao CAC and "ferromagnetic" love "in September 21, 2013, Feng Xiaogang announced that the CAC yard Chinese Beijing Courtel Hotel" officially started; in March 16, 2014, Feng Xiaogang appeared CAC Xiamen yard product launches, articles "in the yard" China synchronous Xian ying. In September 3, 2016, Feng Xiaogang and CAC together again, for the new CAC group "compound" product first masterpiece – CAC (real estate information) to help West courtyard. CAC and Pingdao cross-border cooperation, is the common aspiration of culture agree without prior without previous consultation, the revival of Chinese culture dream. Feng Xiaogang and CAC three hand in hand, between the love back courtyard starting ceremony "Xifu by sea, mountains, clouds, and embrace the shoe on the occasion, the movement, perception China." A "yard" China opened the director Feng Xiaogang and the fate of the CAC group. Beginning in September 2013, lasted for half a year, Pingdao the CAC yard line products Meilunmeihuan architectural details of the building and garden like nature itself, and the courtyard space Chinese everyone living taste and life repair are merged into a courtyard of the image. Together again after three years, it is because the thaihot group another new product line "compound system", to build homes for decades experience and ideas as the cornerstone of bold innovation and exploration into the Chinese compound culture, the Institute of living and culture into China political and business hinterland, invited Pingdao again China attestation the courtyard of the wind. Taihe · West courtyard club Real with "one dream", "magnetic" like-minded love one is gradually in recent years, we turn to the history, current situation of the China reflection influential director, is a "cultural building in Chinese" brand concept, good practice Chinese Power Builder type. Different industries, but with the same dream – the revival of Chinese traditional culture. When the Pingdao will zoom in to the CAC "yard", has since Pingdao and thaihot again hand in hand of fate. "Yard" is Chinese Pingdao’s first real estate culture film, if not the ideas and aspirations of the Freemasonry, where such a fate? Perhaps as Pingdao said: every house is a sculpture, is to stand the test of time, such as Taihe new Chinese style villa is in the tradition of China culture, is used to record images. In September 3rd, China ancestral temple, thaihot · West courtyard starting ceremony, see feng Dao and CAC Group Chairman Huang Qisen, once again on the road China traditional residential culture. Address: ·, China; Beijing · West Third Ring Tel: 400-819-1111 to 722857相关的主题文章: