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Figure |20+10 point guard is undervalued? Looking forward to his trip to face _NBA_ sina sports _ Happy birthday! Who is the best point guard in Sina? When you face this problem, Westbrook, Paul, Erwin curry, etc. the name vividly in my mind, but you may ignore a name: John wall in the past season, John Wall posted 19.9 points and 10.2 assists in such a close to 20+10 transcripts in the sixth years of his career. In fact, John Wall had never stopped in the past few years. His shooting has increasingly sophisticated and he was on the field of vision is more open, his sense of responsibility and leadership is increasingly outstanding, he the day in and day out in the gym all the perspiration comes down like raindrops, everything in his efforts to return slowly. Just last season the team’s poor and weak market for many times the ball wall away from the spotlight, has become a neglected abandoned. And he is more often angry back to people’s contempt and questioning. "I think all star voting is a joke." Only a few comeback Erwin ranked in front of him, so that the star was abandoned outside the first round of the very dissatisfied with the John Wall, he believes that their efforts have not been seen by others. Of course, he has been eager to hit the face of the doubters, but all of the unhappy yesterday in a full stop. Today, the boy is 26 years old. This was born in Rowley, North Carolina, children, childhood, Kekebanban octoate. John wall at the age of 9, his father died because of liver cancer. That year, the door of life seems to be closed to him forever, and he will close his young heart to stop trying to believe anyone. He is at a crossroads, then, let things drift, he felt his life has no meaning anymore. He doesn’t care much about his importance, but he doesn’t listen to any jokes about his father. Not a word and with his fists, his childhood is full of hostility, that he is unwilling to look back. He turned three high school, read for five years. He read two years in high school. High school that year, that is his life another trough. He skipped classes, not to consider the future direction of life, poor record of burglary has become a spot in his life. If things go on like this, a genius out of the world will be nipped in the cradle. But his mother’s early death and gradually let wal understand mother bear bitter hardships is not easy, he began to focus on the basketball court. Grew up in a poor neighborhood of chaos, he was not a tattoo on the body, that is the last ray of his life in the dark light, light is his personality out of the ordinary. At the age of 12, John Wall first dunk, it was a real basket. He gets pleasure from basketball and gets the hope of escaping the dark past. And finally at the age of 13 when he became a famous star, he was in a game in AAU scored 63 points. When he was in Grade 10, he was only 1.73 metres tall.相关的主题文章: