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For love? The 2016 the Great Wall cross-country hiking activities held in public – zhongxinwangzhongxinwang in Beijing in September 24, in Beijing (reporter Zhang Ximin) sponsored by the foundation for the love of? The 2016 the Great Wall off-road public hiking activities "in Beijing on 24 ancient Badaling the Great Wall scenic area held. 1600 participants from all walks of life challenges of ancient the Great Wall 20 km hiking routes, one fund to raise money for child care and development programs, help to improve the living conditions of children. This is for the public love hiking activities carried out since 2013 in Beijing for the first time. Organizers said that the walkers who love the Beijing Railway Station will raise funds for the evening of October 24th 24:00 deadline. Then, proceeds will be used to include one fund plan, a water park, warm bag, public image Caravan and children’s peace plan a total of 5 public projects. Preliminary statistics show that as of September 24th 12, to participate in the ranks of love to raise money for a cumulative total of more than 260 thousand yuan. For love is a deep experience and happy to participate in a combination of large public outdoor hiking activities, through a four person team and complete the target mileage way within the specified time, to raise money for the plight of children. Organizers said that in the past four years, the 10 events held in Shenzhen, Hangzhou for love, Changsha, Wenzhou and Xiamen, the participants a total of more than 260 thousand passengers, walking mileage accumulated 21 times around the earth, raised more than 22 million yuan, many walkers have been repeatedly involved in the activities, and become grow together for love with a loyal partner. In addition to the 1600 line of the walkers walking in, there are a lot of partners by Wyatt lap join online love activities for Beijing Railway Station. In addition to teachers, students, civil servants, white-collar workers, there are a lot of running and club members. The same day, from across the country more than 4000 teams, nearly twenty thousand members and participants live together for the love of the walking power lit up for love electronic exclusive medal medal, a love and dedication to the plight of the children. It is reported that this year, for love? Public hiking activity will be in the country to host the four station, in addition to the ShenZhen Railway Station, Beijing Railway Station, Changsha Railway Station and Hangzhou Railway Station will be held in October two, is expected to directly participate in the station number will be more than 4000 people. (end)相关的主题文章: