Former male god Ke Zhendong rotten face pox pox, the face value is nothing terrible-cibi

The former male god Ke Zhendong rotten face pox, face, the value of nothing really terrible original title: Yan value? Ke Zhendong responded: big bad face smallpox allergy allergy Ke Zhendong Ke Zhendong red carpet according to Sina entertainment news recently, Ke Zhendong [micro-blog] debut at the Venice Film Festival, haggard face pox pits, questioned the value of no yan. September 6th, Ke Zhendong responded by saying that it was because of allergies, and upload a photo of micro-blog pox. The evening of September 6th, Ke Zhendong through the micro-blog sun face acne photos, and wrote: "well, I’m allergic to face swollen and rotten, but for all the hard film finally on the International Film Festival, I will face all the problems, which is why. The sound is too much, I can not stop, so learn to quietly struggle quietly bear, peace & love." Photos, Ke Zhendong face acne, but also red and swollen, not the past youth handsome. After this micro-blog exposure, users have a message to comfort, said: do not care how others say." "Take care of yourself!" (I am MIHR) (commissioning editor: shining) for more details, please pay attention to female @ Sina (micro-blog)相关的主题文章: