From the delisting warning to the holiday black list issued tourism market chaos to eradicate

From the delisting warning to the holiday "black list" issued   tourism market chaos to eradicate? Original title: Travel Channel — from delisting warning to the holiday "black list" issued travel market chaos and how to eradicate? Xinhua news agency, Shijiazhuang (reporter Gao Bo) in October 14, the National Tourism Administration issued eleven days before the holiday "black list", a group of the best scenic spots, praised the excellent travel agencies, tour guides, excellent staff and excellent tourism civilization tourists, but also on the toilet during the holiday revolution lag, management confusion, poor service of tourism management units and employees as well as uncivilized tourists were exposed. The "Red List" list, the first delisting, cancel the qualification of the Qinhuangdao 5A level scenic area of Shanhaiguan scenic area on the order of the tourism market the best scenic spots. From the first to be delisted on the order of the tourism market the best scenic "gongbang", Qinhuangdao Shanhaiguan scenic area has experienced a delisting warning what, or "black list", how to maximize the effectiveness of incentive mechanism, the reporter conducted an interview. Qinhuangdao Shanhaiguan scenic area is the first batch of national key cultural relics protection unit announced by the State Council, was named the first national 5A class tourist attractions. In October last year, the National Tourism Bureau and other relevant departments unannounced visits, found problems of scenic spot price fraud, poor sanitation, cancel the qualification 5A level scenic spots. This is China’s first delisted 5A level scenic spots. Industry experts pointed out that the selection of China’s 5A grade scenic spot, is the National Tourism Administration issued in 2012, "the quality of scenic spots management approach". The method of evaluation of scenic spots involves a number of dimensions, including resource assessment, facilities evaluation, evaluation and other aspects of tourists. It is understood that the Shanhaiguan area was delisted to a great extent, is all and three management rights regardless of the results of the operation and management system of scenic spot. The original Customs District Tourism Bureau as the district government departments in charge of tourism industry, both operators, has done a lot of work, but the actual effect is not ideal. According to the development of Shanhaiguan District Committee, after the delisting, scenic demolition involving "bundled ticket" 5D cinema, clean up the more than and 170 businesses in the area, remove all temporary kiosks. The old leader of the entrance area of the 6300 square meters and 3500 square meters of illegally built houses along the street shops were removed, built a new visitor center. Temple of the sea and the temple of Meng Jiangnu and other non religious sites of the establishment of the 5 merit box has also been banned. In just the past eleven holidays, Shanhaiguan scenic tourists more than 217 thousand passengers, an increase of 21.17%, no major travel safety accident and major tourist complaints. Reporters from Shanhaiguan District Tourism Commission was informed that more than 150 of the Shanhaiguan scenic area is in the relevant departments of the rectification, to upgrade the management services, infrastructure and industrial development. At present, through the creation of national 5A scenic spot "provincial institutions evaluation", to move back to the 5A level. Mr. Wang from Beijing during the eleven with his family went to Shanhaiguan to visit scenic spot, he told reporters, scenic spots than when last year to feel better, "go in to see the price is fine, feel the scene)相关的主题文章: