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58 see how to rely on vertical business innovation breaking – Sohu is the rapid development of the Internet technology in 2016 China nineteenth years from Q3 earnings, the rise of China’s Internet industry has rapidly, a large number of Internet enterprise vigorous development, the 58 city after eleven years of plough, by starting small and medium-sized customers and individual customers, and the low frequency these service users together, form a huge traffic matrix, and then continue to launch innovative businesses to secure his position, has become the largest life service platform. A few days ago, 58 city released the 2016 third quarter earnings. Data show that its Q3 revenue of $306 million 500 thousand, an increase of 43.9%. Net cash flow to achieve operating $80 million 500 thousand, an increase of 56.6%. It should be noted that the above results are in China’s overall economic growth slowed down situation. In the slow growth of the real economy of the environment, 58 city life service platform is a steady increase, do this is not easy. Deep vertical business: from the sale of second-hand idle cut business after nearly 20 years of development of the domestic Internet market, the rapid development of Internet companies, a large number of Internet companies including BAT successfully listed in the United States, and achieved great success, but the Internet enterprise development lies in industry followed the pace of development, continuous innovation, the launch of innovative products to meet the needs of the market. Chang Gengjun believes that 58 city in the third quarter to achieve steady growth, the contribution of innovative business is absolutely indispensable. From the 58 city of this period to disclose the earnings of the business structure, look around, recruit only cats, brand apartments which are being nurtured new business matrix has begun to take shape. For example, 58 city CFO Zhou Hao in the interpretation of earnings data on the special mention is one of the city’s innovative business around the city of. Zhou Hao publicly said that in July the market plan to invest in the round brought good results. According to data disclosed in the Q3 earnings report shows that the current round has covered nearly 300 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities. Last year around double eleven, 58 line city second-hand trading platform closed around, in the form of APP reached the second-hand mobile platform. WeChat real name authentication, a key WeChat circle of friends to share features, is its biggest feature. Although around is an independent APP, massive data and ecological system but the interior is based on the background of the 58 city and ganji. 58 city and Ganji after the completion of the merger, in a very short period of time to achieve and live off, Ganji in the data interoperability, open up these data for around quickly solve the user information data accumulation. From this point of view, the front is a new round of the introduction of an independent APP soon, but it is 58 from the back end of the city over the past 11 years, the results of data accumulation. Since the secondary trading has been one of the core business of 58 city, the application of secondary trading experience and data in turn, in the mobile Internet and idle economy under the background of the APP can be achieved in a short period of time.相关的主题文章: